Energize Your Being for Peak Performance

Peak Energy for Performance Podcast

Welcome to the first podcast episode of Peak Energy 4 Performance called, ‘Energize Your Being for Peak Performance’.  In this episode, I share the four key energy zones we can elevate to perform at our peak in business, health, and life. You will also learn how this brand new methodology takes a refreshing, revolutionary, and recharging approach to high performance. 

In this first Episode of Peak Energy 4 Performance you will learn about:

  • How the current approach to performance is flawed
  • A radical perspective shift to high performance that will increase energy and performance
  • How ‘doing’ is leaving us disconnected and how to reconnect to being
  • 4 key energy zones you can elevate to perform at your peak
  • The link between energy and performance
  • Why we need to focus less on output and focus more on input
  • 4 action steps to start your path to Peak Energy Performance
  • How Peak Energy 4 Performance was created and get to know the host Jody Kennett, Peak Energy Performance coach to entrepreneurs and leaders

I am so excited to begin this relationship with you on your journey to peak energy and peak performance. Whether you are seeking to increase your energy for overall health and well being, or are an entrepreneur striving, or a leader wanting growth, or someone committed to professional development, i am here to energize you!

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