It is kind of an irony that we think and hear the phrase, ‘there is no place for emotions in business’, but the fact of the matter is human beings inherently are emotional beings. What would be really powerful is to flip that phrase up side right to ‘you will encounter emotions every day in business, be emotionally aware for success’. That is exactly how emotional intelligence empowers us with a skill for every day success!

If you are an executive, entrepreneur, or leader you know first hand that you are dealing with the emotions of employees and customers daily as a part of your everyday business operations. In addition, you are also managing your own emotions through a variety of challenging interactions that sometimes test you to your limits. However, we are never taught on how to deal with emotions in the workplace or that understanding our emotions and others is a skill.; a powerful, transforming skill that may positively change your life.

Yeah yeah, you know what emotional intelligence (EI) is, but do you know the depths of what it can do for you and your business or career? It empowers people with 15 unique building blocks ranging from decision making to assertiveness to interpersonal relationships, flexibility, problem solving, independence and stress tolerance. The question that we all need to ask is how do we score or where are our weaknesses and strengths in EI?

The good news is you can find out about your strengths and take an emotional intelligence quiz to see where your are rocking and or may need some tweaking to make you even better!

I had the opportunity to sit down with Carolyn Stern, an EI expert who shared her expertise on EI and how it is transforming people, business, and leadership. You can take the EI quiz on her website here: Emotional Intelligence Quiz. Listen in to the great interview she gave on the Peak Energy 4 Performance podcast episode 21 on the player above.

Emotional Awareness Key to Career Success, Leadership, and Happiness

As I sat listening to the energy and enthusiasm of Carolyn about emotional intelligence, there were so many amazing insights she shared, but my greatest takeaway was that being aware of our emotions creates happiness. As she said, after making this statement, ‘…isn’t that what we are all after anyways?”

She also says, ‘If you can name it, you can tame it.” If we have the conscious awareness to have a power pause before reacting so we can be aware of our emotion, name it, and then choose how we want to respond, this is powerful! Actually this would completely transform the work place, our relationships, many conflicts, and create a lot more ease in our days.

Imagine how EI will transform your leadership or career because you no longer would let emotions control your reactions and you would be more skilled at understanding others’ emotions. In addition you would know your strengths and the areas requiring improvement to make you even better.

Business is not about business; it is actually about people and relationships and the emotions of people. When you are emotionally intelligent and aware, it grows strong interpersonal skills, relationships, and trust with both employees and customers.

Emotional Intelligence Online Courses

If you are ready to become more emotionally intelligent or want to increase your emotional awareness for your career and leadership skills, Carolyn has created excellent online courses in emotional intelligence for you. She has offered our audience at Peak Energy 4 Performance a 75% discount off of the online EI courses. You can access all her online courses here: and when you check out enter the promo code P4P75.

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