In less than 10 days time, the first ever ‘Elevate Women‘ event will be hosted in Vancouver for women who are leading their careers or business and who want to grow their leadership. The creation of this event came about for the woman who is ready to break through, who is climbing, who desires more, who deserves more, who wants to lead their career and business to the next level, and who is ready to play a bigger game.

It is the first of its kind event that is tailored to the woman who wants to elevate herself, who knows she is a leader no matter her title, and that she has the power to lead her career, business, and life to where she wants to go.

This is a Women’s Leadership event, but do not let the word leadership scare you as it is not for the CEO, the manager, the supervisor or the top executive. No, this event is specifically for the women who does not hold any of those titles, but either wants to become a leader or knows she is a leader leading herself, career, business, community, family, and life.

Women who attend will experience a powerful, transformative experience where they will feel empowered, energized, and elevated! It will be kept to a maximum of 30 participants as this is not a speakers event, but a participant’s event where you will be able to integrate and immerse yourself in growth and development.

Elevate Women is for all career women in any industry at any level below upper management as well as women entrepreneurs who are leading the growth of their business. If you are a women working in a male dominated industry, a women in technology, or a women in trades this will also be a great event for you! Also, if you are a beta women more so than an alpha female, this will serve you greatly! In addition, if you may be an introvert, this will also give you skills and elevate you in an extrovert world.

The three main areas of focus for this training event will be:

  1. Leadership & Communication
  2. Powerful Presence
  3. Professional Career and Business Growth Plan

If you are looking at attending for yourself or your team, this will be a mini retreat within your week that will awaken all possibilities, your full potential, and your powerful presence. The best way to describe what you will receive is an intensive, personalized, group coaching event where you will gain new skills, feel more confident, and emerge ready to lead!

I will be your facilitator of growth and will coach you to elevate yourself, your career, business, and life to your next level of greatness and fulfillment! As a certified Women’s Leadership Coach, C-IQ certified communication facilitator, American Confidence Institute certified Confidence Coach, and American Council of Exercise trainer, my mission is to move you to where you want to go and empower you with the skills to take yourself there!

For details and to reserve one of the limited seats at the Elevate Women event April 27th, go here: 

See you there leaders!

Jody Kennett

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