Are you ready to grow your business, advance your career, become a leader and increase your income? Growth is the act of creation into something new, the processing of growing, full development, and increasing from what is to more than what exists in the present moment. Yes most of us may add to that definition of growth and say it is uncomfortable, requires a lot of energy and focus, and is also an exciting, refreshing adventure on the path of potential and possibilities. There is something we all need to accept if we want growth in any area of our professional or personal life and that is the journey of becoming and the process of growing. This means diving head first into change in areas where you cannot swim yet and being willing to exert a substantial amount of effort for the vision and in the direction you seek. Are you still with me knowing all of us this or is comfort calling you back to the couch of staying right where you are today?

Take Your Business & Career to the Next Level

Taking your business and career to the next level of growth is an exciting pursuit worth every ounce of energy it will require! Why do you want growth and what will it give you? This is a question you need to answer before you begin because I guarantee you it will not be easy and at the first turn where it challenges you and disappoints you to your knees, you will opt out if your why is not concrete to the core of your being. Maybe your why is finally making what you are worth or making a contribution to the world or perhaps it has to do with freedom to steer your own ship. Take a moment right now to write down and answer this question for yourself:

Why do you want to take your business or career to the next level of growth? What will it give you?

Now that you have answered that question if it is strong and solid, continue with defining what the next step of growth is for you? Defining your own development plan brings clarity, focus, and direction to exactly what is you want and what it looks like.

Define and describe what the next step of growth is for you and what it looks like? 

By answering the above question, you are giving vision to the area of growth you seek and visualizing it. You have now looked forward into the future and solidified what this will give you. Now that you have that clear picture, it brings us to the next step which is doing your own gap analysis from where you are to where you want to take yourself, your business, and career.

Gap Analysis Strategy for Growth

One of the most important steps in elevating to the next level of advancement in your income, career, business, or leadership is to do a gap analysis of where you are in contrast to where you want to go or who you need to become. The first step is to look at where you are and assess your skills, strengths, education, aptitude, and personality along with your weaknesses that have prevented you from advancing forward. Then we jump to the desired goal for the area of growth you desire and we do the exact same exercise of looking at the skills, strengths, education, aptitude, and personality of what that level of growth would require. Take a look now at where there may be gaps and be honest, constructively critical, and thorough with your gap analysis.

Now, I want you to look at your two lists and think about the vision of your growth step and then answer these two powerful questions for yourself:

  1. Who do you need to become to actualize and achieve your desired growth goal?
  2. Write a new list under both where you are at now and where you want to go of the different thoughts, behaviors or habits, and actions that may vary between the two places.

This gives you a gap analysis on the hard skills and also the variance in who you need to become for professional growth and what actions would be different. Keep in mind here that actions come after our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Perhaps you are seeing a very deep link of growth and becoming not only to what we need to do, but who we need to become?

Business, Career, Leadership Growth

Growth in any area of your professional or personal life is a challenge and thus growth requires a partner, a team, a coach and a community. Do not attempt to grow and do advance to the next level all on your own as it will take twice as long, it is lonely, and the ease of doing it with help makes it that much more enjoyable and also provide a path to success. Therefore here are a few steps I recommend everyone take when they desire to go to the next level of growth in their business, income, career, and leadership:

  1. Ask for help from people who have done it, people who have skills you don’t, and people who will support you
  2. Seek a mentor or sponsor who will guide you, promote you, and assist you with networking contacts
  3. Hire a coach to keep you accountable, to give you breakthroughs, to transform you, give you tools, and elevate your mental, physical, business, career, and leadership potential
  4. Elevate your physical, mental, and emotional being
  5. Join a mastermind or group coaching program
  6. Schedule your growth in your calendar weekly
  7. Set Check In and Feedback Loop in dates to assess your progress
  8. Post your goal or vision somewhere that you would look at it daily
  9. Have self compassion, life happens, and Celebrate small wins every step of the way!

If you have read this far, I am impressed because that means you are serious about growth and growing to your next level! Take a look at the business, career, and leadership mastermind I offer for women called the Bold Boss Builders or if you prefer private coaching, contact me direct for a complimentary coaching session. For entrepreneurs wanting to take their business to the next level of growth, the business growth strategy plan coaching package could be perfect for you!

Entrepreneurs & Leaders!

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