The ability to elevate yourself, your life, business or career involves an enormous amount of energy and focus. Elevate is defined as raising or lifting something up to a higher level, position, or state. You have the ability to elevate your mood, income, career, business, health and fulfillment among many other things. However, going to the next level is often the biggest challenge for everyone because it is mistakenly assumed it is a ‘how to’ do something learning process; it is much more about becoming and being the person you need to be at this next level.

Olympic athletes are a great example of people and a profession where they are always elevating their skill, performance, and target because if they don’t they will literally be knocked out of their sport. They are continuously challenged to be better than they were before and to grow. Ironically, even though their profession would suggest that they are always focused on elevating their physical skill, it has been proven that at that top level the difference between landing a medal finish or not is in mastering their mind and emotions.

And then their is the rest of us, where we can coast, be idle, get complacent, settle, be stagnant, and get stuck in one place and somehow its okay because we don’t get knocked off the podium in front of the world. It’s not okay! The world may not be watching, but your sub conscious and self worth are silently tracking and they are more important than thousands of fans or facing a strict coach. Inertia is sending signals of stress invoking fear that builds the longer you stay still. Luckily you do not have to train like an Olympian, but you want to start thinking like one when it comes to taking something in your life to the next level.

What do you want to elevate in your life?

Where or how would you begin to elevate your life, business or career?

Most people would start with figuring out the steps of how to elevate to the next position or level and what was required in order to make that happen. It would be a logical, process driven system of action steps they just needed to follow. If you read the definition of elevate above, it also includes lifting or raising to a higher state. I would like to go out on a limb here and say that the new level or position cannot be attained without first elevating the state of being. A state as it relates to people refers to ‘the particular condition that someone is in at a specific time..condition of mind, temperament, health’.

Then how does one elevate their state to go to the next level?

Let me give a few examples here. There is the business owner who wants to grow their business by increasing their client base and they go out there and do all the right marketing steps they have learned in a methodical way. They keep doing what should be giving results, but the growth does not evolve as was hoped. This happens all the time. We get so focused on what we should do and the ‘how to’s’ that we miss how we are being and who we need to become.

Here’s another example, take two career minded professionals who have the same credentials that are competing for a new position in a company and the one who has already become the person they need to be or who exudes this way of being, is the one to get promoted.

How Do You Elevate to the Next Level of Growth?

If you are wanting to elevate your career, business, or life to the next level of growth, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Clearly define the next level with a detailed vision
  2. Commit to a personal & professional development plan to get you there
  3. Believe, become, embody, and see yourself in this new level of growth
  4. Elevate your thoughts, emotions, and energy to match this new level
  5. Lead yourself with positive, bold, self affirming self talk
  6. Write out the daily habits and actions required to get to the next level
  7. Live with the end in mind, visualize yourself at the next level
  8. Ask, inquire, seek support from whomever could help you get there
  9. Immerse yourself in an environment that supports the next level
  10. Talk about and share your goal for the next level with others

On your quest to the next level, remember you are raising or lifting up yourself to become the person who is already there. While you are busy in the ‘how to’s’ of doing to get to where you want to go, focus on elevating your being as that is where you will soar and take flight with ease to the next level.



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