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Confidence is a word we all know about and have a general knowledge of what it means, but learning how to have confidence and what we can do to increase it, is a whole new study and practice. Luckily the American Confidence Institute, co-founded by Alyssa Dver and Lynnette Rumble, started and continue to conduct research on confidence and have found some exciting neuroscience to increasing our confidence. What they have discovered is there is  neuroplasticity in our brains that most definitely gives us the ability to increase our confidence.

How to Have Confidence

You may feel pretty confident most of the time and then feel it shaky at specific moments like going for an interview, presenting, or having an important business meeting. What if you could learn and train yourself to have confidence even in those unique circumstances when you need to feel and present yourself with confidence? Is that possible? Yes, there are specific steps you can take on a daily basis to increase your confidence. In the live interview we did below on Leaders Lounge, Alyssa outlines some of the neuroscience behind confidence, its link to the neuroplasticity in our brains, our ability to increase it, and what we can do in our every day to have it.

The Keys to Having KickAss Confidence

In the interview here with Alyssa Dver, who offers Kick Ass Confidence presentations and programs, you will learn:

  • Is Confidence a thought or a feeling?
  • What does Confidence have to do with our Values?
  • What is the Kryptonite to Confidence?
  • Where do you begin to increase your own Confidence
  • How increasing your own Confidence Amplifies others and its link to Competence
  • Steps to training your brain for Confidence
  • The interesting, powerful pairing for women’s leadership between Confidence & Competence
  • How to have confidence in specific circumstances when fear, nerves, and nagging thoughts may be interfering
  • What Confidence programs are available to you at the American Confidence Institute and how to get a copy of their book ‘Kick Ass Confidence’
  • The connection between mindfulness and increasing confidence


Comment here with any questions you have. For Alyssa and Lynnette’s confidence program go to the link here:

If you would like a personalized approach to increasing your confidence, I am a certified Confidence Coach with the American Confidence Institute and would love to elevate you to Kick Ass. Visit me here .

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Congratulations on owning your brain and upping your game with this Kick Ass Confidence coaching video.



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