Business Mastermind for Entrepreneurs

Creating, expanding, and elevating a business takes a lot of energy and when there is a lot of energy output, it is important to have energy inputs that you, the entrepreneur, receives rather than only expends. If you are a small business owner or solo entrepreneur building your business on your own, you could be missing out on the asset of ideas, lessons, input, and strengths of other people. Since many of us entrepreneurs are kind of captains and take charge independents, it is not in our nature to seek help or ask for insight outside our own brilliance. This could be slowing or limiting growth and  success in your business!

In my opinion every entrepreneur should be a part of a larger group of peer business owners that challenges, supports, and elevates each member. Just because you are your own boss does not mean you cannot experience a team and gain the benefits of the diversity of a team. This is why I think every entrepreneur can benefit from being a part of a mastermind.

Napoleon Hill formally introduced the concept of a mastermind in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’. He described it as the coordination of knowledge and the effort of two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony.

Entrepreneur Mastermind for Business Growth

Masterminds Grow Business!

I have facilitated groups for a long time now and one of the most exciting aspect to watch unfold in the dynamics of a group is the ability of one person to fast track progress due to the shared experiences of another participant. The other noticeable and results producing factor of groups is accountability and challenge. It is human nature to see where others are at and what they are doing and be motivated to improve. There is also an innate, unspoken expectation to not let the group down and sometimes we are more inclined to keep this promise than one solely made to ourselves. 

In fact, the self motivation entrepreneurs need to have to lead themselves and their business forward can be exhausting; however, somehow in a group, we are less likely to procrastinate or put off our goals and instead commit to the social public announcements we have affirmed out loud.

Why I created a Mastermind for Entrepreneurs

As I coach entrepreneurs daily on launching and growing their business, they share the personal and professional challenges they are experiencing. Since they are all on their own and often everything about building and running a business is brand new to them, they have no reference point to understand what is normal or what to expect. This can feel isolating and discouraging.

What most entrepreneurs do not realize is that every other entrepreneur has gone through the same challenges at some point in their business or will. I am creating and coaching a mastermind for entrepreneurs to bring community, brainstorming, problem solving, collaboration, energy, growth, excitement, and support to many battling through business growth alone.

A business mastermind provides the following results:

  • Many minds, strengths, skills, experiences to a problem
  • Elevated performance, fast tracked results, larger growth
  • Peer and group accountability with timelines
  • Social expectation and a commitment beyond ourselves
  • Consistent goal, planning, focus, and implementation strategies
  • Performance evaluation, a feedback loop, assessment
  • Community, Collaboration, Cross Promotion, Connection
  • Unique, varied, and eye opening perspectives 
  • A sounding board of reflection to elevate past obstacles
  • As Napoleon Hill states, an energy from a divine source in creation , innovation, manifestation, and realization

Without a doubt, entrepreneurs will accelerate their growth, elevate their productivity, and exponentially impact their results.

Who the Business Growth Mastermind is for…

This mastermind for entrepreneurs is specifically for business owners in growth who are past launch, but want to grow their business to six figures and beyond, expand their impact, and positively transform more people. We will not be teaching the basics of business, but rather the depth of strategies, tools, and evolution you will need to grow your business! In the mastermind, you will learn marketing, how to scale, performance tracking, implementation, and the psychology behind growing to your next level of business success.

As Your Mastermind Group Leader…

I am really excited to be the creator and leader of this mastermind. As your leader, I will guide, challenge, and energize you with the focus of clarity and direction you need for growth. Although I will facilitate the group, you, the participants, will guide it with what you need and want. I will bring my depth of coaching experience in multiple disciplines to each group call as well as my wealth of business advising, planning and development. You will receive a blend of personalized and group business coaching. I am committed to your growth and success 110%.

This mastermind is very well suited for solo entrepreneurs, service based business owners, heart centered entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and professionals in private practice. 

To learn more about the mastermind for entrepreneurs starting in January 2019, go here

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