Start a Business from Your Skill, Service, Expertise

Start a Business from Your Skill, Expertise, and Passion

Have you been thinking about how to start a business or a side hustle with the skill, expertise, and passion you already have? Maybe you already have the idea, but have been wondering how do I start a business and where do I begin? If you do not have the idea yet, it may be that you have this incredible knowledge, skill, or passion, but are lost at sea wondering how would I make this into a business? Have no fear entrepreneurs at heart, I am going to share with you my entrepreneur journey which started exactly where you are and how you can start a business with your skill, expertise, and passion.

How to Build a Business from Your Skill, Talent, & Passion

Flashback over ten years ago and I was a personal trainer training people all day long and leading specialized group classes. There was one such class that was a novelty as it was training a group of people having knee and hip replacement surgeries which were on the rise. However the exercise training and programming for people preparing and recovering from these joint replacement surgeries was slim to none. Since I was literally immersed in it training 6 classes a week and collaborating with other health professionals and researching, somehow I emerged into a bit of an expert by accident.

As you can see this grew as a knowledge base for me which was a skill and expertise. It finally struck me that wow I do have a unique knowledge base here, a lot of knowledge on the subject, we were having great success with clients, and people were seeking this service in high numbers. Hmmmm….where did I go from here?

How a Service and Solutions Create a Business

My brain went to a solution in part for me as I wanted to streamline training all the trainers into a group format instead of one by one, but even more than that I heard what my clients saying that was there was no other program like this out there and this should be made available to more people. So, my first step was designing a training manual and one day workshop to train the trainer on everything I knew about exercise program design for hip and knee replacement clients.

Excitingly you can package all your knowledge or skill about a topic into a business and deliver it in a variety of options that suit you and your clients best. This is super important for all you service professionals out there to grasp as I thought I would be sitting on a body ball finishing off the group classes with a stretch for eternity and forever limited in my income. You can take a service you provide and package your knowledge into a profitable business! Let me expand on this for you.

So guess what happened next? The workshop was a great success locally and then not wanting to be limited to my local market, I expanded and took this course online where it can reach people around the globe. Then since I have always been customer or client focused I realized my gosh I cannot forget about a resource for all those people who want an exercise program and do not have access to a facility or have money to pay for a trainer. Yup, you guessed it, I created an online complete exercise program in the delivery format of an eBook and video for the customer. These workshops, products, and courses have been selling around the globe for a decade now!

How to Start a Business From Your Service and Skill

Lucky for you, there is no need to stumble and fumble finding your way from service to successful business like I did. I am going to share the first steps you can take to get you started on building your own business.

  1. Identify where you have expertise, a skill, or talent
  2. Assess the Solutions it Provides and Who needs it
  3. Determine the Market: Demand in the Market and Market Size
  4. How would you like to package and deliver this information even if you do not know how to do it!
  5. How will you Monetize it to leverage your time, income, and location?
  6. Lastly, will you commit to marketing it so it gets seen?

If you get to step 3 above and you know there is a demand in the market for your skill and expertise, you can literally begin the content of what you want to share and how you will share it with your audience.

I am so passionate about empowering service professionals and service entrepreneurs to build a business that leverages their time, energy, and income because it is important to know you are not tied to the one hour service model to make money. In fact, you are limiting the number of people you can serve and impact with that system.

The above list of steps will get you started especially if you are in the pondering and exploring phase, but more details will be coming on how to build a business from your expertise, skill, service, and passion.

If you are ready to explore more options on this for yourself, I do offer Business Breakthrough Coaching sessions.

Let’s get you, your skill, passion, expertise out there serving more people and as a fun side effect make you some more money and give you more time freedom.

Your Business and Entrepreneur Growth Coach

Jody Kennett


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