Being in a leadership position or advancing your career as a new leader requires peak energy. Are you elevating your career to a new level or building leadership skills? Increasing your performance as a leader or executive involves self leadership, but there is one other element that is often overlooked and under prioritized which directly impacts performance; it is optimizing peak energy of not only yourself as a leader, but also your team.

What is meant by peak energy and how will it improve performance? Everyone’s performance is linked to the energy of their body or physical health, their mind or brain performance, emotional well being, and an environment that sets them up for success.

4 Steps for Leaders to Perform at their Peak

In this podcast episode #018 of the Peak Energy 4 Performance podcast, you will hear about four leadership tips to perform at your peak. They are not about time management, they address energy management. You will be guided through these powerful leadership performance tips to empower you both in your own self leadership and also as a leader inspiring others. Tune in to hear what they are and be elevated and energized on your own career path.

Optimizing Your Time, Energy, and Performance as a Leader

Working as a leadership and performance coach to executives, entrepreneurs, and women, I see the transformative impact coaching creates both in the results they seek and happiness. Peak energy performance coaching takes a unique approach to performance because often performance is linked to outcomes, output, and results. Although those are an end goal, they are not the means to arriving at them.

Instead the approach I take and why I added the word ‘energy’ in there to peak performance, is because I work with leaders, teams, and companies and focus on the energy input in four key areas. When people have peak energy of body, mind, emotion, and environment, you have empowered them to perform at their peak. When you change the energy input positively, it powerfully impacts the output, results, and overall performance.

A few of the areas we work on to optimize your performance as a leader are:

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Mindset, Self Talk, Beliefs, Visualization, Presence
  • Physical Health, Stamina, Energy of the Body for Performance
  • Brain health, Focus, Distraction, Stress
  • Emotional Well being, Anxiety, Stress, Joy, Excitement, Fulfillment
  • Environmental Stress and Environment for Success

How a Performance Coach Works With You to Elevate You as a Leader

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is watching how someone can go from struggling with a leadership or career problem and then empower themselves to move beyond the obstacle to an elevated state.

The common leadership growth areas many people seek coaching for are either developing their leadership and communication skills or being in a new position as a leader. Performance coaching will give you the tools, awareness, feedback, skills, and benchmarks to step powerfully into leading with confidence.

We will address the areas of concern to you, elevate your presence, evolve your leadership to the desired goal, and energize you with peak energy performance.

If you want to learn about how leadership or performance coaching can benefit your career and advance you as a leader, send an email to [email protected]

Highlights from Episode #18 on Peak Energy 4 Performance for Leaders

“Spend more time in the vision of what you want than the fear of what you do not want.”
“If a company is too focused on greed, they will not succeed.”
“People drive profit. It makes sense then to support your people because they are profit.”
“To elevate to the next level, you must already be there in belief and action.”
“Fight for Your Worth. Stand in Your Power. Speak up with a Voice and Ask for what you deserve.”
“Fulfillment and Money can coexist.”

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