A Mindfulness Practice for Everyday Life and Leaders

We hear the word mindfulness being thrown around a lot, but do we fully understand what it means to be mindful and have we experienced it yet? We learned from David Frank Gomes, a mindfulness teacher and practitioner, that being mindful is paying attention, it is living in the moment, and it is acceptance of what is rather than angst or resistance to the present moment.

He shares a great strategy of how to implement mindfulness into our everyday life with simple cues that can remind us to be present. We discuss why mindfulness is so important today with the pace of everyone’s lives, the large work volumes, and the demand of being connected at all times. We discussed mindfulness for CEO’s and leaders, parents, and also why mindfulness is so important in the workplace to increase engagement with employees.

You will hear in the video that we discuss how mindfulness is both simple, but complex. It surprises me that it can be so easy to implement in our days and provide us with truly life altering benefits of less stress, more happiness, clarity, peace, and experiencing the richness of living in the moment, yet very few of us practice mindfulness.

Perhaps it takes a leader of a family, organization, or team to model mindfulness and implement it as a ritual in their life before others will adopt the practice for themselves. Maybe it takes trying it for a few days and experiencing the benefits for us to make mindfulness a part of our days or perhaps it takes a society and culture to embrace and promote mindfulness before more people will live it as a practice of living and being.

Watch the video below and share with us your thoughts or practice of mindfulness. What questions do you have about mindfulness and how will you start a daily practice? What could be your cue throughout your day to be mindful? Share your ideas below with us in the comments.


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