It is exciting times as the top companies in the world have caught on to the extraordinary benefits of hiring a coach to coach their leaders, employees, and teams. With having access to a coach once only reserved for Olympians and top athletes, it is now venturing into the business world providing results of: increased productivity, elevating leaders, improving communication, greater profit, increased engagement, better morale, and higher performance.

In fact, coaches and the method of coaching has proven such positive results, that companies are adopting the ‘coaching’ management style throughout their organization. If you have yet to try coaching in your company, you can start by selecting a team or group of employees to experience it’s powerful transformations.

Why Every Company Needs a Coach

Having a coach is no longer a want or a luxury, at least not in the business world, because corporate coaching is a competitive edge with its focus and outcomes targeting: behavior, accountability, strategy, action, solutions, blocks in performance, conflict, change, growth, communication, planning, reflection, assessment, and vision. Coaches guide people and companies from where they are to where they want to go faster than if they did it alone.

In addition, an external coach, someone who is not a part of your company, is not only a neutral party, but they also bring a fresh perspective that is not entrenched in the culture of the company which could bring a broader outlook. Also, an external coach can often act as a facilitator to an entire team coaching them with an unbiased approach coordinating the collaboration of the whole team for brainstorming of solutions and strategies.

Possibly the greatest need hiring an executive coach provides to your company is the support it gives to your employees and leadership team to perform at their best. People are an asset and the people you have working for you are leading the results in your company; therefore investing in their professional growth and supporting them in managing stress, being healthy, navigating conflict or a high pace environment, and having mental well being all pays back huge dividends to the bottom line of your company.

What Services Can an Executive Coach Provide to our Company?

Executive coaches serve companies with exceptional value in a variety of ways depending on the needs, goals, and current state of the company and team. Here are some of the services corporate coaches provide to elevate and energize your team to peak performance:

  • Leadership Coaching for both Private and Group coaching
  • Team facilitated brainstorming and strategy sessions
  • Communication Skills Coaching and Training Workshops
  • Conflict Facilitation and Coaching
  • Performance Coaching for individuals and teams
  • Leadership Retreats and One Day Planning/Strategy Coaching Offsite
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Leadership team training on the Coaching Method
  • Leadership and Communication Coaching through Change
  • Vision Strategy Sessions
  • Culture Creation and Implementation Coaching
  • Confidence Coaching Private and Group Workshops
  • Women’s Leadership Coaching and Workshops
  • 360 Degree Reviews for Leadership Development
  • CEO and Director Executive Coaching
  • Business Growth Strategy Coaching

As you can see there are multiple ways in which an executive leadership coach will enhance productivity, performance, and people leadership in your company. You may be wondering now, how does hiring an executive coach work if you are not ready to have a coach for a salaried full time position or prefer to consult out your coaching services so the coach remains external to your company.

What can we expect when hiring an executive coach for our company?

The great news is when you hire an executive coach for your company, the two of you work together to co create exactly what you need. To give you an example of what this can look like, here are a few options of how companies hire coaches to coach their employees and leadership team:

  • Hire an executive coach to be on call and promote them to the team
  • Have a designated weekly coaching day for your employees/team
  • Provide a monthly coaching session for your leadership team
  • Design a leadership development coaching program for a group
  • Have a coach lead your team through change and growth weekly
  • Provide Communication Training and Coaching Workshops
  • Provide weekly or biweekly performance coaching to leaders
  • Provide Health and Well Being 3 Month Coaching to Individuals
  • Hire a coach to be present on site part time for a variety of initiatives
  • Bring on a coach to support your team during a merger

Can we Hire an External Coach to work on a Regular Part time Basis?

External coaches can be hired for regular part-time contracts as consultants. This is an arrangement that you can discuss with your executive leadership and business coach. There are great benefits to your company in having a coach be a consistent weekly contributor to your team.

First off this regular presence of a coach, creates a culture instantly that your team is supported and that you are investing in their own personal and professional success and happiness. Second, it increases trust and engagement in the coaching initiative leading to greater transformation and results. Lastly, it allows the coach to gain insight and valuable information on your business to lead it and your people to growth.

Does an Executive Coach work Virtually or Will they come to our Company?

A lot of executive coaches do work virtually and almost all of them offer this option. They provide coaching by phone and also sometimes by online video meeting platforms like Zoom. However, there are also many corporate coaches that will provide in person, on site coaching services right to your door at your company. As an executive leadership and business coach in Vancouver, I offer executive and corporate coaching onsite in the Greater Vancouver Area.

The choice of virtual or in person coaching is a personal one each company makes. Virtual executive coaching offers convenience, privacy, and sometimes a more relaxed space for the coachee. In person coaching can be more engaging or personal and it is definitely more beneficial when you are brainstorming, planning, or facilitating a group.

Interestingly, the leaders I coach here locally have opted for a combination of both in person and virtual leadership coaching. One thing to take into account is that in person sessions require travel time and therefore, a coach may charge more for this as it is a loss of time for them.

Experience Executive Coaching for Your Company

Now that you know more about executive coaching and its benefits for companies, the next step is experiencing it for yourself! It’s now time for you to try out coaching in your company and my recommendation would be to start with a select group of people with a specific goal in mind for them or the company.

Begin with a conversation and a call to an executive coach and share why you want coaching for your company, what expectations and outcomes you have for it, and your ideas for who or how you would like to offer it.

I am happy to speak with you and provide a complimentary consult to discuss how coaching will energize and elevate your team to peak performance. If you are looking for an executive coach to come to your company and coach in person, I am available for companies located in the Greater Vancouver area.

It’s time to take your team and your company to the Olympic level performance and coaching will take you there! I cannot wait to see you on the podium. Let’s make it a reality together!

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