You elevate your life every time you desire a change, growth, challenge, and improvement to raise your happiness, potential, contribution, fulfillment, and life experiences.

Are you coasting along or struggling or settling in an area of your life where you want to feel abundance, liberation, and vibrancy? Maybe you are fully aware of this mediocracy or complacency that has crept into an area of your life without an invitation and has stayed past its welcome. Perhaps, you are even at a stage of wanting to bust free from its stagnant grip and desire an expansive, exciting, energizing change.

And yet, you awake each morning wondering if it was just a bad dream with great hopes that miraculously somehow today is a new day, that it will disappear and abundance will arrive setting you free.

If only it was that simple, that easy, like an order we can make with the click of  a mouse.

Making a transformative change in your life is  not effortless, fast, or simple in any way, but it is within your control.

After all, are we not all striving for something more, new, or better? Is it not the plight of human experience to strive to be going somewhere other than where we are, to want to improve or be creating something, or to become a better version of ourselves at all times?

Do you want to elevate an area of your life and are you ready? Is it just that you do not know how to elevate it or where to begin?

The definition of elevate is to raise or lift something up to a higher level or state of being. Most people would interpret elevate immediately with accomplishment of a obtaining a higher position or status. Yes, it definitely defines achievement of reaching a higher level; however, we are all elevating ourselves and lives in every instance we decide we want to improve an area of our life not just to reach a new level, but for greater happiness and fulfillment.

You talk to anyone who is at a top level position of success in a company, someone who is wealthy or even a top ranked athlete or performer and they will all tell you that their happiness is not found in being at the top level, but rather in what uniquely elevates their true essence of being in this world.

The word elevate is derived from two latin words ‘elevat’, to raise and elevare which when broken down into two parts is the ‘e’ and ‘levare’. The ‘e’ from the derivative of ex means out or away and ‘levare’ means to lighten. With this interpretation, elevating yourself or your life would translate to anything you want to raise to a higher standard or level or anything in your life want to lighten. It is interesting that the ‘e’ represents ‘out’ or ‘away’ which means to elevate or raise or lift something in your life, you would need to release or let go of something else in order to be lighter and rise.

Elevate Your Life

Where do you want to elevate your life? Is it in your career, finances, health, happiness, relationships?

What do you need to let go of or release in order to rise and lighten your life?

Over the last months, everyone I have coached is all working toward elevating something in their life whether it be their emotional state, income, health, career, business, relationships, or personal fulfillment and their own potential. Everyone is striving, growing, changing and desiring something for themselves, their life, families, community, or their legacy.

If you were asked right now, “What is the one thing you want to improve or make lighter in your life?”, what would your answer be?

This is what you want to elevate. Now hold this as your focus for the next few action steps that follow below.

  1. Develop a clear vision of what the elevated state, being, or level looks like in detail.
  2. Who would the person at this new elevated state be being in the world in this vision? Are they fearless, confident, happy, relaxed, free, generous, impactful…? Be this person now and exercise daily the being of this person as if you are already there.
  3. Create a step by step action plan to get from where you are to this new elevation. Work backwards with the end in mind. If you are taking your business or career to the next level, know your target, then create the ladder rung by rung to get there with deliberate steps to keep you moving forward and up.
  4. Going to new heights in life and personal development requires support from others: mentors, teachers, coaches, leaders, experts, and friends. Create your elevate circle of influence and reach out for support when and where you need it right away. Then, be someone who elevates others by lifting them up where they need support.
  5.  As one of the great guides of life once said, “You cannot see outside of you what you do not see inside of you first.” Wayne Dyer   You will not be able to take any of these previous steps, if you do not first elevate your thoughts, emotions, energy, and beliefs. Your being and what you believe about yourself and life must be the first place you begin elevating to be able to raise or lighten anything in your life.

It’s time to elevate because your happiness, full potential, fulfillment, and rich life experiences await you!

Let us know how you will be elevating your life with a comment below.

Elevare Jody Kennett Coach

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