Biohacking for Peak Energy & Peak Performance

Biohacking Back to Our Natural Being for Peak Energy

There you are working away all day behind a computer screen, indoors, on your phone and at a steady ongoing pace with too much to do, but you feel drained of energy wondering what quick fix you could pop that would give you a jolt to keep going. This is a pretty common occurrence for most of us on at least a few days of the week, but you might be surprised to find out we can actually increase our energy with a few simple biohacking steps that fit easily into our days.

Biohacking is our ability to alter our daily habits or lifestyle to positively impact our body’s biology to be at our optimal state including our physical wellbeing, energy, and our brain’s performance. Examples of simple daily biohacks are: going for a walk in nature is proven to relieve stress and depression, protecting ourselves from blue light exposure can improve our sleep, and a healthy diet can increase our energy and our brain’s ability to focus.

Biohacking Back to Our Natural Being

I had the opportunity to interview Carl Svantugn from Clear Impact on the Peak Energy 4 Performance podcast and he explained how we evolved as cave men and women in tribes, outdoors, moving. What he then went on to highlight is how far we have been removed from our natural state of being with the introduction of technology, living indoors, and allowing our bodies to be in constant states of stress or fight and flight. In essence we are now living in a completely foreign environment that we are adapting to which is worlds away from our optimal state of being connected to the earth.

Obviously we are not about to change the world any time soon or toss our beloved cell phone away that connects us to the world, so how then do we adapt this demanding environment, but also optimize ourselves for peak energy and peak performance?

Simple Daily Biohacks to Increase Energy and Optimize our Bodies

It seems an irony that we have evolved to a place where we have to consciously re introduce things and states of being in our day that was once our natural way of life and being. However, here we are and we want to optimize our bodies, brain, and well being to feel great and keep our energy high for peak performance. There are many simple biohacks you can start implementing right away in your daily routine to infuse positive energy into your body.

Carl shared how he walks outside in his bare feet everyday to ground himself to the earth. If you work inside all day and are exposed to artificial light, computer blue light, and air conditioning, the simple act of going outside in the fresh air and moving your body in natural day light will increase your energy. If you are working behind a computer all day, using blue light glasses can protect you from the effects of being exposed to blue light which can impact sleep.

There are numerous nutrition biohacks you can do to improve your energy and performance and Carl shares 6 areas we can biohack our lifestyle on the podcast. Find out what they are and hear his story of how he went from successful, junk food addict, and unfulfilled to becoming a biohacker living a meaningful and more connected life. Him and his partner, Adam Hart, are on a mission to improve the health and happiness of millions.

Biohacking Peak Energy 4 Performance Episode 11

6:30 min Simplicity of Nature is Where Health and Wellness comes from
7:50 Biohacking to get back to how we naturally evolved to live
8:00 Life of the Caveman and how we evolved to live in our natural state
10:20 Biohacking defined
11:55 The 6 categories to biohack for peak energy and performance
18:40 The impact of Electromagnetic Fields on our Energy
24:15 Mental exhaustion and what is causing it
30:30 The importance of Human Connection as an essential biohack
31:20 Why Carl and Adam started Clear Impact
39:30 Carl’s routine for Peak Energy Performance

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