Public Speaking – Performance or Story Telling Connection?

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Public speaking is one of the top fears in the world for many people, but is our fear of judgement holding us back from connecting authentically with our audience and transforming the very lives before us? If you have been shying away from public speaking, you are going to love hearing David Fisher’s story starting out as a shy boy who had the courage to enter himself into a public speaking class where he excelled and now is an award winning public speaker coaching TedX speakers.

To be honest with you public speaking was one of my biggest fears all through school. It was not until I was thrown into having to present, not by choice, that I discovered I did not die. In fact, to the contrary, it seemed to positively influence those who sat before my trembling body.

So where are you in your public speaking growth? If you are a leader or entrepreneur, presentation skills are essential to growing your business and leadership. Whether you are in the contemplation stage and have not been thrown onto the stage yet or are building your presentation skills, David shares tips for our peak performance when presenting. Hear his story and build your confidence with insider public speaking tips from an expert in communication, sales, and presenting.

Public Speaking with TedX Speaking Coach David Fisher

What if we have been thinking about public speaking all wrong with a mindset that focuses on us when it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with how we can connect with our audience? How many more lives could we transform, including our own, if we shifted from public speaking as a performance to the art of story telling and being vulnerable?

You see our goal when we speak is to not make ourselves look good, but to make a connection with our audience; to reach them and inspire an emotion in them where it creates a transformative experience.

This is exactly what David does as a public speaking coach and in both his keynote presentations and workshops. He shows us how to present for human connection perhaps from heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul.

The Art of Story Telling to Connect and Transform

Have we lost the art of story telling upon which our ancestry and history has been built passed down from generation to generation? Is it that technology is having us tell stories in different ways or is it disconnecting us from an art of being able to share stories that truly connect us authentically in person?

No matter where you find yourself in your career, being able to share a story that connects to others and the human spirit. is an art form that can inspire action and transform relationships.

One of the best story tellers I knew growing up was my grandfather who we called, Pampa. He was funny and completely authentically himself which was hysterical in its own right, but beneath the entertainer was a depth of character who had experienced many of life’s tribulations.

I have always wondered what made him such a great story teller before an audience; was it his 35+ years of AA meetings, was it his deep love for reading, was it the pain of overcoming never feeling loved by his father who treated him poorly, or was it his love for people and spreading joy and happiness?

I will never know, but I can share with you this; he never appeared before his audience perfectly dressed and polished. Instead he showed up real, humourous, with a deep message and a thoughtful intention. He always came through with a perfectly natural story that felt like it was delivered in the moment, as himself, and with love connected to the people before him.

Become a Story Teller Vulnerably Connecting with Your Audience

If you want to become a great story teller who can share vulnerably and connect beautifully with your audience, David Fisher is a public speaking coach who can help you do exactly that. Whether you are preparing for a business presentation, your first speaking engagement or a TedX speech, he will coach you to feeling confident presenting and to connect with your audience authentically.

Highlights of Episode 14 of Peak Energy 4 Performance

2:00 min How David went from shy to an award winning public speaker
5:00 min The benefits of acting brought forward to public speaking
5:54 min His purpose of connection and vulnerability
7:00 min The start of his career as a public speaker & communication coach
8:00 min His mission of ‘You are not alone’
10:00 min The art of story telling for humanity and not lost in a digital age
11:30 min The vulnerable stories of our modern day super heros
14:00 min Dealing with the fear of judgement, but not letting it stop you
17:40 min The secret behind influence
20:00 min The importance of connection, realness, and reaching out
23:40 min David shares tips on how to prepare yourself for a presentation
26:00 min Know your speech so well you can be in tune with the audience
28:00 min How to prepare your body and mind for presenting
31:00 min The audience is rooting for you and wants you to succeed
33:26 min David’s Peak Energy Performance routine before a speech
37:00 min Dressing for your presentation and your peak performance
40:00 min What David is up to now and how to learn from him!
42:30 min Your challenge and David’s dog makes an appearance ๐Ÿ™‚

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