Are you Leading & Living the Life You Want?

Is how you are living your life today making you happy or are you wondering how to lead your life to the way you want it to be? There is a path to leading your life and creating what does bring you happiness. If you are feeling stuck, in search and discovery mode transitioning, or really wanting to elevate to the next level, in your career, business, income and life then you are in the right place!

I believe we are all leaders and yes that includes you even if you are squirming at the thought of that title defining you. Before you tune out, tune in and hear what I mean here. Leaders are influencers, they are leading the charge and the way and just like a CEO leads a profitable team and business to new places and heights with inspiration and direction, you are the leader of your life. Yes you heard it here first, you are a leader and the CEO of your life.

The problem is chief, you didn’t declare yourself leader and your life, just like a team of employees, became delinquent because there was no one steering the ship. Maybe as captain, you let go of the wheel when the seas got out of control and you have been in survival mode or coasting hoping by some miracle someone else would step in and direct it and you? Wouldn’t that be great?! Miracles do happen, but rather than wait for it, how about co-creating along the way?

Bottom line here, if you are not happy and settling, but want to do something about it, great… lean in because I am going to show you how to take back your power and steer your life in the direction you desire with the one leader that can make it happen! Go take an excited long look in the mirror because you just accepted the position of CEO of the new venture, the best you and your best life!

How to Lead Your Life, Business, and Career

The following steps will give you a path and a plan to begin leading your life! Here’s the deal though, there are a lot of people out there learning, attending, reading, knowing, but very few implementing and taking action. The one request I have for your own success with this, is I need you to participate and answer these questions or take these steps for yourself. Will you take action and implement what you learn here? Your progress depends on implementing what you learn here so with that in mind and your commitment to action, let’s begin!

The Lead Your Life Path and Plan

  1. Time Out Referee Whistle is Blown! – You need to take a time out whether it be a weekend day, a call in sick day, or a few hours of silence you can carve out for yourself when you can be still and silent. This time is going to be so you can reflect on how you are feeling and how you want to feel, what is working and not working, and to unplug and listen to what would make you happier, what it is you desire, or your soul’s calling
  2. Take an Inventory/Make an Assessment – Depending on what is not working for you say if it is your career or lifestyle or income, I would highly recommend starting with doing a values assessment of what you value most in life and your career or business. You may also want to add in a Strengths Inventory assessment if you are in career transition or search mode. However, taking stock of  the situation could simply be looking at the big picture of your life, who you are, what you want, and the direction you want it going in!
  3. Vision – Every great leader has vision and when people don’t have vision, they parish. This is a hard one to do by yourself and sometimes it is great to be guided through especially if talking and collaborating help bring out your best ideas. It absolutely can be done alone with discipline and silent solitude. I cannot stress enough how important this step is as exploring and seeing your ideal life and your best self in every detail of what that looks like is empowering, energizing, exciting and manifesting. You need to spend time exploring the ideal vision of the life you want to live.
  4. Focus on One Thing…Choose and Decide the one thing you want to create, change, and improve and then focus on it wholeheartedly. Don’t let yourself get distracted. Commit to focusing your energy in this area with a plan and a schedule that works for you. If there are distractions and there will be, it is your job to minimize and manage them.
  5. Your Environment & Triggers – Set yourself up for success by creating and controlling the environment you need to succeed with your goal. Only you know what you need to perform at your best and be your best. Write out what you need and how you intend to make it happen so you can have the ideal environment to support yourself. Even if your life is full with kids or chaotic with work, you may need to think broader, deeper, and out of the box here making difficult decisions to support your growth and your future!
  6. Take Action! Take your first step, any step towards your goal. Taking action can be at your pace and to your personality so if you are cautious or a thinker, take the first step towards gathering more information or talking to someone or making an appointment. If you are a risk taker or a doer who needs to see progress fast, then take a big step towards that requires an all in commitment. Know yourself and know what you need to make it both enjoyable and motivating.
  7. Track your energy, emotions, steps, and progress weekly celebrating all the small wins along the way. Tracking keeps you moving forward and gets you into momentum and keeps you honest! If you noticed here the tracking was not just about the action, but about the being too! The human being and how you are feeling about it as sometimes we progress on a path and the resonance of the goal or dream changes along the way or does not feel aligned. It is imperative to be aware and listen to your inner knowing to see if you are on the right track for you and that you are proceeding on a path aligned with your passion or purpose not what you feel you should do or what others want.

Leading and Living our Best Life

There you have it, the first few steps and a framework to getting started on leading your life so you can live your best life. Here’s the thing none of this will do you any good unless you stop in your tracks, take a hard look at the way you have been living, and declare no more because you want more. … And then decide to give it to yourself and receive it because you deserve it. You weren’t put here to just get by, or to just pay the bills, or not be lit up with what you are doing day in and day out.

Brace yourself… you were put here to be happy, to live fully, to give of your talents and gifts, and to explore your full potential with all the adventure it brings.

Don’t follow where life may lead you, lead your life to where you want it to go!

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