It happens to us all where life, our business, or career gets so busy we are distracted from our dreams and before we know it, poof, years have passed. The great news is we can stop the poof of years disappearing before our own eyes and we can lead our lives with creative intention.

What is creative intention? First off when we are intentional, it means we have choice, decision, and are able to act from our own intentions. In this case instead of having the chaos of busyness or current circumstances lead your life, you are leading it with intention.

The word ‘creative’ in creative intention implies your ability to be creative and a creator in your own life leading it, your business, career, or leadership path. The problem with creative intention, is no one takes the time out to be intentional or creative partially because they are too caught up in what they are doing and partly because yes it is true, our dreams scare us! It is easier to let them sit on the back burner then put a plan to them.

This could be selfish of me, but I really want you to live your dreams, advance your career, grow your business, and become the leader you want to become! With the speed of life speeding up and the demands of doing piling up, it leaves very little time and energy to create and plan the life we want to live. If we do not direct the sails, we set ourselves up on a hamster wheel that is on repeat instead of being on an adventurous path to our exciting life.

The Powerful Pause for Life, Career & Leadership Goals

How do you prevent yourself from falling into the trap of distraction from your dreams and rather purposefully proceed and progress towards your goals? All you need to do is create a ritual of reflection time that gives you the power of a pause where you can assess, align, create, and plan.

It is easier said than done and as a leadership coach, the greatest success factor in making this power pause on your life take place, is making an appointment either with yourself or a coach and being held accountable.

The energizing and exciting creations that come from this are motivating! Yet their implementation also takes a weekly habit of action and accountability.

How a Conversation, Powerful Questions, and a Coach Accelerate Your Life Leadership Career Goals

It is really hard to sit our own self down in front of a blank piece of paper and produce clarity, a path, and plan. As a coach one of the most exciting aspects of what I do, is being able to guide people with powerful questions and coaching to their own clarity, aha moment, or breakthrough. I have seen first hand that it was only through conversation, brainstorming, idea clarification, and depth of being exploration, that my clients have experienced formulating their ideas into a creation for their life.

There is something extraordinarily effective about talking through the confusion and multitude of thoughts in a coaching conversation that accelerates progression towards ones goals and desired results.

Setting up a Ritual of Reflection for Your Life Goals and Dreams

A ritual is a repetitive, consistent pattern of behavior you set up at a specified time interval to create or deliver a desired outcome. Imagine what you can create, design, and live by only starting with a monthly ritual of reflection for your career, business, life goals. This reflection time includes assessing where you are at, where you want to go, if you are aligned with your values, and what your plan of action is to begin in the direction of your dreams.

Who would have thought that there is power in pausing and that the simple act of reflection can:

  • Give you clarity
  • Align your life, career, business to your purpose, values, being
  • Progress you towards your goals
  • Create the life, career, or business of your dreams
  • Advance your career, financial wealth, and business growth
  • Provide you with focus and direction with specific action steps
  • Turn your ideas into a creation in reality

Action Steps to Lead Your Life, Career, & Leadership Goals into Creation

  1. Set a Monthly Reflection Ritual to Assess, Align, Plan, and Progress
  2. Hire a coach or speak with someone to facilitate the clarity and growth
  3. Integrate some daily and weekly Powerful Pauses to Reflect and Reconnect to your life leadership goals action plan
  4. Set yourself up for success with accountability and progress markers
  5. Listen to the podcast above to learn why you will need to Step out of Stress and Sit in Stillness and Get out of Survival State

If you would like the assistance of powerful questions and guidance with your career leadership life goals to give you clarity and breakthroughs in the direction of your dreams, reach out to [email protected] to begin today.

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