Building a brand for your business or leadership can seem overwhelming with questions of where to even begin, but a brand strategist can simplify its creation by providing the essential branding elements. Since I hear the question of ‘how do I create my brand?’ often from many entrepreneurs and leaders, it was time to bring you the solutions from no other than the best of the best in branding, Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte of LeapZone Strategies. Isabelle’s genius is serving small business owners and solo entrepreneurs with their brand strategy and business performance.

Branding is Way More than the Visual Representation of You

If you think your brand is a logo, colours, your website, you are partially right! It’s always great to be right, yet the other crucially important elements of your brand go way beyond visuals and do a deep dive into the emotions and experiences you want to deliver to each customer. Isabelle gives us incredible examples of how she built her brand and the specific elements that every business owner needs to set as the foundations of their brand experience. In fact, every business needs to start with their brand and build their business upon its foundations.

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The Foundations of Building a Successful Brand to Stand Out

In today’s business market it is hard to stand out, but what if your brand had distinction and as Isabelle calls it, ‘the X factor’? One of the most important elements in creating the brand for your business is knowing what sets you a part and where you are unique. Isabelle shares one of the most powerful statements and lessons, I feel all entrepreneurs need to learn when she said:

…the broader your focus in business, the less visible you will be.”

Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte

She then goes on to explain the importance of niche, but that you can still have an umbrella brand with multiple niches. Tune in to the podcast to hear how she explains this because it may just be the answer to your objection of having a niche.

Why it is Important for Leaders to have a Leadership Brand

Recently I have been working with a lot of leaders and leadership teams and the one exciting new development they are all creating for themselves is their leadership brand. A leadership brand provides guiding principles, leadership values, vision, and the core elements of a leadership culture each leader or company wants to create. The very elements Isabelle explains here as the three foundation steps to building your brand are applicable not just to business owners, but also to leaders designing their own brand.

By designing your brand as a leader it gives you direction for how you lead yourself, your team, and the business. It also helps you navigate the day to day interactions you want to create for your internal team and your customers. I just did this exercise with a new leader who is trying to change the culture in her department and it was powerfully transforming for her and the team.

A Step by Step Program to Build Your Brand – ‘Build to Rock’

If you want to know how to build your brand and or be guided through a step by step world class branding program, Isabelle has a branding program called, ‘Build to Rock’. Yes, please, for me! Are you ready to rock your brand and business? One of the exciting and unique elements of her brand and this program is she not only provides branding expertise, but also shows you how to implement it into your business strategy with the addition of coaching from her and the team.

What really hit home for me is that we need to start with our brand and build our business on the strong foundations made from its core elements. The way I see it is, our brand is the being of our business. It is the connection element with our customers, it is expressive, authentic, and it creates an experience that as Isabelle says can be systematized throughout your company across team members.

For all you entrepreneurs out there struggling to stand out, wondering how to build a successful brand, or who are ready to create a brand experience that can permeate throughout your entire business as a guiding light to lead every customer interaction, tune into the podcast here. You can also go check out Isabelle’s ‘Build to Rock’ branding course. Until then, don’t just build a business, build it to rock with a rock solid brand!

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