Jody Kennett – Leadership, Business & C-IQ Coach/Facilitator

Business and Leadership CoachHi there leaders, career builders, and entrepreneurs. I am excited to be in your company here and eager to learn how I can serve you in elevating your business, career, and life!  My mission is to elevate people, leadership, performance, communication, and confidence.

Who am I and what’s my story?

For many years I trained and rehabilitated the human body from pain to function with a background in Kinesiology from SFU and I learned a lot about behavior change, training people, and mastered personalized exercise programs. My career grew into running my own private training business, online information products, designing and delivering a train the trainer niche workshop, and a digital course.

Then, like many of you, I elevated and transitioned my career into a new industry. I immersed myself in learning and studying about leadership where I became certified in Women’s Leadership with the GAIA Leadership Project. In 2016, I became one of the first certified women’s leadership coaches in the program that has now advanced to include gender neutral leadership. As a certified coach, I empower women with leadership for their careers, business, and life. In addition, I am a certified Confidence Coach with the American Confidence Institute.

Then my fascination with neuroscience and interest in executive coaching lead me to the ideal training program, C-IQ or Conversational Intelligence. C-IQ is the neuroscience of communication and was ranked as a top 5 business skill to have in 2016.  It is the perfect immersion for me with the scientific background of neuroscience combined with coaching methodologies and assessments for companies. Through the World Business and Executive Coaching organization, I am a certified C-IQ coach.

In addition, a focus of my coaching is business coaching for entrepreneurs to start, grow, and scale their business. I advise new and existing business owners in launching and growing their business. I have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs in the development of their business plans, marketing strategies, and growth goals. I specialize with service based business owners who are growing their business both off and online. My business coaching grows the entrepreneur and business!

I maintain my certification as an ACE Medical Exercise Specialist and have now merged my business and health background to bring Peak Performance Coaching to entrepreneurs and leaders. You can join me and be inspired weekly with my new podcast Peak Energy 4 Performance. It is a methodology and unique, holistic approach to high performance that energizes and elevates people in their business, health, and life.

That’s my story and journey of elevating which is a key theme of mine in my business.

I invite you to reach out for a complimentary consultation or sign up to receive great business, leadership, and communication tips.

Here’s to your next level of growth, your leadership, and elevating your business, career, and life!


Jody Kennett