Jody Kennett 

Business and Leadership Coach

I am a leadership development coach and facilitator for leaders and entrepreneurs to elevate their career, business, team, and performance. It is the combination of personal and professional development that transforms people to become exceptional leaders. The field of leadership fascinates me as we are all leading our lives, career, and health and when we own and honor that, we can intentionally lead it in the direction we desire.

As I was studying at SFU in the Bachelor of Education program, I was able to focus my course selections on Kinesiology and Psychology. This lead me to my first career in the Health and Wellness industry where I grew a large clientele and contracts working for the District of West Vancouver, UBC, and in my own service based and online business. 

It was during this time, I honed my training and coaching skills, but needing expansion and more challenge, I transitioned into business advising for entrepreneurs. Here I coached them to develop their business plan, launch, and grow it with marketing strategies. This process of working with entrepreneurs in building their business showed me that the biggest barriers to success are not the ‘how to’s’ which can be learned, but the internal blocks of beliefs and fears.

The spark of intrigue had been lit on how to help people overcome their limiting beliefs, low confidence, and or challenges in leading themselves to success. I sought out a world renowned expert in leadership and became a certified leadership coach with a specialization in Women’s Leadership coaching. In addition since communication skills are so powerfully linked to leadership, I took a year long certification in C-IQ or Conversational Intelligence which is the neuroscience of communication. To round out the final missing piece for many emerging and new leaders, I became an American Confidence Institute certified Confidence Coach.

That brings us full circle to today where I am excited to be a leadership coach elevating and energizing leaders and entrepreneurs in Vancouver, across Canada, and globally. With a focus on leadership development, I also offer Hogan Personality Assessments to individuals, companies, and teams.

Currently, I am completing my PCC (Professional Coach Certification) with the International Coach Federation. In addition to running my own coaching and corporate leadership training company, I am a contract coach with a national business coaching company to be able to support larger companies and contracts.

You will find me today living out my two passions of health and leadership through a variety of coaching services, leadership development programs, and how I am bringing health to the corporate environment with Peak Energy 4 Performance. Jump on over to the podcast to tune in and be energized!