Advance, Lead, Grow Your Career

Career Advancement and
Leadership Development Coaching

Are you an executive, leader or career professional who wants to: build leadership skills, advance to the next level, gain career clarity and direction, or increase your confidence? You are in the right place as we coach new and aspiring career leaders to lead their career path and elevate to the next level. Whether you are just starting out, want to advance into leadership, or create a fulfilling, progressive career path, we coach you to where you want to take your career and to your greatness. Our Career Leadership Coaching will also assist you in raising your visibility, building your leadership brand, developing your own platform, and having powerful presence.

  • Career Clarity and Direction
  • Career Advancement Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Hogan Personality Assessment of Strengths, Values, & Derailers
  • Leadership Brand and Platform Building
  • Leadership Confidence and Presence
  • Career Path Coaching
  • Personal Branding for Career Growth & Influence

"As a VP, I connected with Jody to advance my career to the next level of leadership, but also gain clarity for career fulfillment. As an extremely busy professional, she has kept me focused and consistent in pursuing my career growth goals. I was given a promotion and selected as the only one of my peers to receive greater responsibility in a very competitive industry. We have updated my resumes, LinkedIn, and created a professional development plan where I needed to upgrade my skills which included Toastmasters. Jody uniquely has been able to coach me professionally, but also bring insights on communication skills, life, and health to each session. As a leader who is in a highly demanding job that consumes all my time, having a coach like Jody has given me hope for creating the career and life I want."

Arnaud, Vice President

Career leadership coaching empowers career professionals to take charge of their career and create a career path they will thrive in and enjoy while also developing their leadership, marketing, and presentation skills. Whether you are just starting out in your career and want to build confidence or have been building your career for some time, having a coach can keep you progressing towards your goals and advancing to the next level.

You may be a career professional already who is no longer challenged, wants to make more money, or desires to move into the next level of leadership. Perhaps you are a new leader or just starting your career and want coaching to build your career, confidence or leadership skills. Others come to career coaching for clarity, direction, and fulfillment to live and lead an authentic career aligned to who they are and their values. Lastly, some career leaders come to coaching because they are so busy in their current position, they need accountability to progress forward on the next evolution for their career.

Personal Branding, Leadership Brand, & Leadership Development

No matter where you are in your career, every professional needs to be building their own personal brand or leadership brand so they can stand out amidst the crowd and market themselves. The searching for a job, recruiting, and talent acquisition game has changed and with it, you too need to change. Career leadership coaching can help you build your online presence and platform to showcase your expertise and be found when companies and recruiters are searching. Having conducted many 360 reviews with leaders about their team, I can share that many comments have been made that people need to market themselves better, raise their visibility, and build their internal brand better. We can map this out for you.

Leadership skill development is crucial to advance your career and prepare yourself for new opportunities. Some of the leadership development skills and coaching we provide are:

  • Communication C-IQ Coaching - Neuroscience of Communication
  • Confidence Coaching - ACI Certified Confidence Coach
  • Women's Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching for New Leaders, Emerging Leaders, and Executives
  • Peak Performance Health, Time, and Energy Management
  • Hogan Personality Assessment Strengths and Values Personal & Team Coaching

Progress towards your next career move, elevate into leadership, raise your visibility, and create your personal leadership brand with coaching. To begin email [email protected].

Career Leadership Coaching to Advance, Grow, and
Lead Your Career

Career advancement and leadership development coaching helps you plan, prepare, and progress with your career aspirations. The coaching one needs to succeed with these goals occurs over time with gradual progression steps and a progressive career path plan. Our coaching services are offered in 3, 6, and 12 month packages as well as specialized offers to align specifically to your career goals. Here are a few of the career and leadership coaching packages we offer:

  • Leadership Confidence Coaching 8 sessions over 2 months
  • Career Personal Branding or Leadership Brand Development 5 sessions
  • Career Clarity Path and Plan Coaching 10 sessions over 3 months
  • Communication Coaching - 8 sessions over 2 months
  • Career Advancement Coaching - 12 sessions over 3 months
  • Leadership Skill Development - 10 sessions
  • Confidence Coaching - 10 sessions
  • Health & Peak Energy Performance Coaching for Leaders - 12 sessions over 3 months
  • Hogan Personality Assessments - Individual and Team Assessments with Coaching

About Your Leadership Coach

Jody Kennett, Certified Leadership, Communication, & Confidence Coach

Hi there, my name is Jody Kennett and I coach career professionals and leaders to their next level of growth, greatness, and advancement. As a leadership coach, I also empower people to gain clarity and direction in their career path so that is aligned and authentic to each one of you. As a certified leadership, communication, and confidence coach, I bring a depth and breadth of expertise to each coaching client tailored to your needs and goals. If you are a new, emerging, or advancing career professional who is seeking coaching to advance your career and develop as a leader, you are in the right place and there is no better time than the present. Let's take you, your career, and leadership to where you want to grow and lead it!

Jody Kennett