Peak Energy Performance Coaching to Increase Energy, Health, and Performance 

Health & Performance Coaching to Elevate You!

Peak Energy 4 Performance is a methodology to increase health, energy, and performance for the everyday person who wants to be in peak health, live with optimal energy, and perform at their peak. It addresses stress, self care, health habits, but it goes beyond the physical body and energizes people to their peak performance by energizing the body, mind, emotions, and environment. We look at your whole life, your daily schedule, stress levels, and yes even the energy of your thoughts and emotions to take you to your peak health and so you can be on top of your game!

Peak Energy 4 Health Performance is a holistic health approach that will energize and elevate you whether you need stress management and self care, want higher performance in your career or business, or want to increase your energy and have peak health in body and mind. It is ideal for executives and leaders in high stress jobs, helping professionals or caregivers who give a lot, entrepreneurs building their business, women leaders juggling many priorities, and any one needing renewal and energy from burnout. This is a great health coaching method to energize your team to peak performance.

Would you like to have Peak Energy and Peak Performance for your business, health, and life?

There must be a reason you landed here today and only you know what you need, what is not working right now, and what you want to feel or how you want to be in your personal and professional life. If you are seeking better health, more energy, and to elevate your performance as a leader, entrepreneur or executive then you are in the right place. Peak Energy 4 Performance will also serve those looking for more than only health coaching for physical health, but also for mental and emotional health. We even create an environment to support your peak health, energy, and performance. Here's what else peak performance health coaching will provide:

  • Increase your energy so you will be able to perform at your peak
  • Improve your performance at work, in business, and as a leader
  • Support your physical, mental, and emotional health to be at its peak
  • Optimize your body, health, and well being for peak performance
  • Overcome emotions, self talk, doubts, fears, and mindset limiting you
  • Rebuild and recharge your energy during stress or after burnout
  • Have peak performance to support your Business, Career, & Leadership goals
  • Empower you with self care, stress management, and prioritizing your health
  • Provide you with a daily and weekly peak health, energy, performance plan



Your Peak Energy Health Performance Coach

Peak Energy Health Performance Coach VancouverHi there! I have 20 years in the health and wellness industry graduating from SFU with a diploma in Kinesiology and then went on to become a certified ACE Medical Exercise Specialist which I have held since 2002. Yes, I was a personal trainer for many years and trained hundreds of clients of all ages and abilities to their peak health. More recently, I became certified as a Precision Nutrition health coach to empower people with healthy habits, behavioral change, and transformation to lasting healthy lifestyles.

However, my training and certifications expanded past the body and the sole focus on physical health when I became certified as a Leadership, Confidence, and C-IQ coach, which is the neuroscience of communication. These expanded my coaching practice into working with leaders and executives in the corporate world, but they also gave me insights into the power of our mind and emotional well being and their impact on work performance. I am also now a Certified Professional Coach as a Whole Person Coach, ICF accredited.

Working as a business coach and advisor since 2015, I quickly realized entrepreneurs experience a roller coaster of emotions and stress that requires diligence and a focus on their physical, mental, and emotional well being.

To gain insight into meditation and mindfulness for entrepreneurs and leaders, I took the Heart Math Facilitator course. In addition, I am certified in Canada for Mental Health First Aid.

Peak Energy 4 Performance grew from a desire to empower, energize, and elevate people to peak energy and health so they will feel and be at their best.

ACE Medical Exercise Specialist Personal Trainer Vancouver SFU Health and Fitness Certificate in Kinesiology

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