Peak Energy Performance Coaching for
Entrepreneurs, Women, & Leaders

Coaching You to Elevate your Energy in Body, Mind, Emotion, and Environment for Peak Performance.

What is Peak Energy 4 Performance Coaching &
How Will it Elevate You in Your Business, Health, & Life?

Welcome to Peak Energy 4 Performance Coaching
with Jody Kennett!

Yes, take me to Peak Energy Performance!

Would you like to have Peak Energy and Peak Performance for your business, health, and life?

As I coached entrepreneurs, leaders, executives, and women in business, a repetitive theme started to emerge for everyone working on their goals. What was evident is each person was seeking coaching on the 'action and doing' towards their goals, but the blocks in taking action and the 'doing' of them was limited by the 'energy of their being'.

What was happening is already overworked executives, leaders with great responsibility, career professionals stressed at their jobs, and entrepreneurs overwhelmed with building their business were coming to coaching 'to do more' when what fueled their progress was 'being more' or energizing their being.

Peak Energy Performance is a holistic approach to high performance that elevates you and energizes your body, mind, emotions, and environment so you will have peak performance for the goals and transformations in your life.

If you.....

  • Want to increase your energy so you will be able to perform at your peak
  • Know your performance is low or not where you want it to be
  • Feel your energy is low in body, mind, or emotions
  • Want to optimize your body, health, well being for peak performance towards a goal
  • Want to Overcome the emotions, self talk, doubts, fears, and mindset limiting you
  • Want a Peak Performance Plan to feel and be your best
  • Need Performance Coaching to Support your Business, Career, & Leadership goals
  • Want to Elevate Your Being to energize the direction of your personal and professional growth
  • Need Peak Energy for the Transition or Transformation you are in

Then Peak Energy 4 Performance coaching may be exactly what you need. Take a peak below to see the core introductory Peak Energy 4 Performance coaching programs.

"Change the energy of your inner being world and it will transform you to peak performance for the goals you have for your outer world. It begins within."



Peak Energy 4 Performance Coaching - Core Packages
Your Peak Energy Performance Plan

Peak Energy Performance Coaching Core Program

This Coaching Package Includes:

Peak Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs and Leaders1. Peak Energy Performance Assessment & Coaching Call - 75 min
2. The Peak Energy Performance Health Plan for the Body - 1 hour
3. Peak Energy Mind Performance Program - 1 hour
4. Peak Energy of Emotions Performance Coaching Call - 1 hour
5. Peak Energy Environment Setting for Peak
Performance - 1 hour

This is currently being offered as a Beta Special Discount rate of $500 Cdn
Includes a Bonus 'Fifth Factor' for Peak Energy Coaching Call - Soul Heart Energy

Beta Program limited to first 20 registered. Grab your spot HERE for Peak Energy!

Peak Energy Performance Coaching for Women

This coaching program includes:
Peak Performance coach for women in business
1. Peak Energy 4 Performance Assessment & Coaching Breakthrough Call - 75 min
2. Peak Energy for the Body Health Coaching Call with an Overview of Hormones
3. Peak Energy Performance Emotional Well Being Program
4. Peak Energy Mind Training, Mindfulness, Meditation, Visualization
5. Setting Your Environment for Peak Energy & Performance

This is currently being offered as a Beta Special Discount rate of $500 Cdn and
Includes a Bonus 'Fifth Factor' for Peak Energy Coaching Call - Soul Heart Energy

Beta Program limited to first 20 registered. Get Started to PEAK ENERGY HERE!

Your Peak Performance Coach...

Hi there, I am so happy you are here. First off, I have, gulp, 20+ years in the health and wellness industry graduating from SFU with a diploma in Kinesiology and then went on to become a certified ACE Medical Exercise Specialist which I have held since 2002. Yes, I was a personal trainer for many years and trained hundreds of clients of all ages and abilities to their peak health.

However, my training and certifications expanded past the body and the sole focus on physical health when I became certified as a Leadership, Confidence, and C-IQ coach, which is the neuroscience of communication. These expanded my coaching practice into working with leaders and executives in the corporate world, but they also gave me insights into the power of our mind and emotional well being.

Having been an entrepreneur now since 2009 and working as a business coach and advisor since 2015, I quickly realized entrepreneurs experience a roller coaster of emotions and stress that requires diligence and a focus on their physical, mental, and emotional well being.

To gain insight into meditation and mindfulness for entrepreneurs and leaders, I took the Heart Math Facilitator course. In addition, I am certified in Canada for Mental Health First Aid.

Peak Energy 4 Performance grew from a desire to empower, energize, and elevate people in their internal world and optimize them for peak performance with their goals. I started the Peak Energy 4 Performance podcast to be a weekly performance coach for entrepreneurs, women, and leaders. You can find it on Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Goolge Play.

Begin Your Journey to Peak Energy and Peak Performance Today!

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