3 Women's Leadership Steps to Own Your Leadership and Confidently Grow Your Career and Business

Discover how to fully own your leadership identity to grow your career and business so you can confidently lead, and be seen and heard. 

Get the Women's Guide for career and business women stepping into leadership to be confident and own your identity as a leader in your space.

Women's Leadership Confidence

Here's what you'll learn: 

Become a Confident Leader

Discover and develop your identity as a leader.
Uncover the blocks and beliefs that may limit you.
Becoming and being a confident leader. 
Determine leadership actions, behaviors, and practices to lead and grow your career & business

If Not Feeling Comfortable as a Leader is Holding Your Career or Business Growth Back... 

We have all heard about the imposter syndrome once people arrive in a role and how they do not feel they deserve it, but what about all the people, and women especially, who have the talent, expertise, and intelligence to lead in their space and be a leader, but it is a challenge for them to own it and step into it? Sometimes this is due to one's nature being an introvert or their personality, but often it is a factor of people just not being in that role yet or having the opportunity to tap into their ability to be a leader. 

Yet, your career advancement or business growth depends on you fully stepping into and owning the leadership role in the space you are in.

You will hear me say, "It is not our competence, intelligence, or skill that limits our growth; it is our confidence and leadership to own it and communicate it powerfully that limits us."

If you are there right now, where it is hard or unnatural for you to step into and own your identity as a leader, and it is holding your career, business, or leadership growth back, then this guide is for you! It will give you three steps to own your leadership identity so you can powerfully step into being a leader, be seen and heard, and to lead your growth.

About Jody Kennett

Hello and welcome. I'm Jody Kennett, an ICF PCC Women's Leadership and Confidence coach, and I created this guide for women building their career or business who may be finding it hard to fully step into owning their leadership to get seen and heard. 

There is one thing we all know for sure, it is not our competence, intelligence, or skill that limits our growth; it is our confidence and leadership to own it, communicate it, and promote or present ourselves powerfully.

This women's leadership guide will give you the first steps in claiming your leadership identity and putting it into action so you become the leader you are where others will see and know about you too!

Start Owning Your Leadership Identity and Grow Your Career and Business

This Women's Leadership guide will coach you to creating, owning, and becoming a confident leader of your career, business, and others.  

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