Life Leaders Plan Review
The System Used by the #1 Leadership Coach in the World

A Proven System with Community, Accountability, & Support to Achieve and Progress with Your Life Goals. 

Achieve Your Life Goals. Lead Your Life Forward! 

The Life Leaders Plan Review is supported by evidence from the fields of Behavioral Psychology, Self Determination Theory, Positive Psychology, Social Learning Theory, Intentional Change Theory, and Positive Organizational Scholarship. 

Consistent Review, Accountability, Tracking, Reflection, Assessment
A supportive, non judgmental, safe, and fun group to connect with
Facilitated by an ICF Life, Leadership, Health and Performance Coach

What is a Life Plan Review?

'What we track transforms. What We Plan Progresses.  What We Review, Reveals.
What we Schedule Succeeds' 
 Jody Kennett 

The history of the Life Plan Review (LPR) is quite incredible as it first originated from the Business Plan Review (BPR) which was developed by Alan Mullaly who was the CEO of Ford when it was losing 17 billion dollars on the verge of bankruptcy, but he turned it around to profitability and a culture of transparency and psychological safety. At the time Marshall Goldsmith, who is the #1 executive leadership coach in the world, was coaching Alan and saw the success of the BPR realizing it could be used for life goals. He added a few of his own tools and proven techniques that have brought life happiness and success and voila, the Life Plan Review emerged. It incorporates behavioral psychology, intentional change theory, social learning theory, positive psychology, and self determination theory.

The Life Plan Review incorporates each participants life goals in a variety of categories that may include: career, health, wealth, family, relationships, community, joy or spiritual. It then breaks these big goals down into actionable bite size KPI's (key performance indicators) and participants rate their own performance in a color coded chart to track their progress. Each member of the small group, which is typically up to 8 people, shares their life goals chart with the rest of the group providing an overview or focusing on one key area. 

The culture of the group is set to be a non-judgmental, safe space where there is no guilt, shame or criticism, only support and ideas. After everyone has had an opportunity to debrief, there is time for idea sharing, solutioning, and coaching. This format is a proven process that delivered exceptional results for participants. 

And once again, the Life Plan Review is being transformed by me to include the word 'leader' and be named the Life Leader Plan Review because not only will it include life goals, but also the growth of you as a leader in your life, career, business, and health. A leadership category will be included as one of the categories in your Life Leaders Plan Review.

What is Included in the Life Leaders Plan Review?

Weekly Group Meeting

Every week meet with your group for one hour where you will receive support, accountability, ideas, coaching and community!

The Life Leaders Plan Review Template

Receive the Life Leaders Plan Review, Tracking Chart Template, Life and Leadership Coaching Tools. Instructions and guidance


Coaching from an ICF Certified Leadership, Life, and Health Coach to support challenges and facilitate breakthroughs for progress forward


Having the support of a community of people supporting and believing in you is invaluable. It also provides accountability we cannot get on our own.

Who is this For & Why it Works 

"Accountability breeds Response-Ability" Steven Covery

You may be tracking right along moving towards your goals and gradually getting closer to what you want in some areas of your life and doing just fine on your own.

However, what could be possible, where could you get to and how much quicker might you get there if you were held accountable every week not just to yourself, but to a group of people where you had to track, assess, acknowledge, and report on your progress? 

What could a goal and behavior system which is rooted in psychology, learning theory, behavioral science do for you? Where could you be with a proven system  that turned a drastically failing 17 billion in losses company near bankruptcy around? How might you and your life change with a format created by the world's #1 coach and proven to produce results.

This is for you if you have life, career, health, wealth, and personal or professional goals that you are working on and want to gain consistency and commitment along with the following: 

A Tracking System
Long Term Behavior Change
Group Support
Ideas and Feedback

It Starts April 7th Weekly till June 23rd  







10:00 AM

PST / 7:00 pm EST

It is $100 CDN Per Month for 3 Months

With this you Receive Weekly Accountability, the Life Plan Review System, Coaching, a Community and Results!


"Jody's coaching has revolutionalized my personal and professional development. With her expert guidance, I have experienced so many powerful transformations. Prior to working with Jody, minor setbacks were interrupting progress on my important goals. Now, I'm able to take things in stride and continue to use my time wisely despite setbacks -- a game changer for me! 

Brandee Gerke

Brandee Gerke

Gifted Coach

"Jody is one of the most gifted coaches I have ever met. She listens carefully, cares deeply about clients and she is passionate to see everyone in her life move to their next exciting level."

Andrea Welling

Andrea Welling

Focused & Consistent

"As a VP, I connected with Jody to advance my career to the next level of leadership, but also gain clarity for career fulfillment. As an extremely busy professional, she has kept me focused and consistent in pursuing my career growth goals. I was given a promotion and selected as the only one of my peers to receive greater responsibility in a very competitive industry. Jody uniquely has been able to coach me professionally, but also bring insights on communication skills, life, and health to each session. Having a coach like Jody has given me hope for creating the career and life I want."


Arnaud Lasseron

  Who is the Coach of Life Leaders Plan Review

Excited to Facilitate & Coach Your Transformation!

Hello there! 

I'm Jody Kennett, the creator of Life Leaders Plan Review and I am excited you are here exploring this exciting option to make an appointment for your life and specifically the life you want to live, who you want to be, and where you want to lead it.

You might say I can offer a triple decker of coaching as I am an ICF certified leadership, health, and life coach. This means when it comes to your life goals, I've got you covered in more than a few areas. In addition, I have a few other certifications as an ACI Confidence Coach and a C-IQ Communication Coach so if you are working on any interpersonal relationships or leadership goals, there will be coaching support for you there too.

I created this because too many of us are striving on our own doing our best independently, but we could be doing a lot better or more with a group, a system, accountability, and have a lot more fun while we are at it!

The idea came from one of my mentors who shared the Life Plan Review with any coach who wanted to run with it and a spark was lit knowing there was a group of people out there who could be brought together, support one another, and go farther together. (If I was allowed grammatically, that sentenced would have read, "...go farther and funner together!)

Let's do this together, work hard, have some fun, and celebrate our results!

Life Leader Plan Review Coach Vancouver BC Canada

What are the next steps to save your spot?

Can you Commit?

We need all participants to be able to commit weekly for their own success and for the groups success. A minimum of 10 out of the 12 weekly sessions must be attended.

Do you have questions?

Reach out to Jody if you have more questions that need to be answered before saving 1 of 8 spots in the group. I will personally answer them for you and you will know if LPR is a fit for you.

Ready to Go?

If you know this is for you and you are ready to go, register here by Clicking on the 'Save Your Seat' Button on this page. Once all 8 seats are taken, a waitlist will be started. You will receive an email confirming your spot in the LPR!

Are you an entrepreneur building your business and are you interested in the Business Plan Review Group? If so go here

What You Will Learn:

This is more about who you will become and the progress you will make on your most important life goals!

Get clear on and check in on your most important life goals weekly!
Make progress on and achieve life and leadership goals
Breakthrough barriers in consistency & commitment
Track and accelerate your performance
Receive feedback, ideas, coaching, and goal refinement
Make lasting behavior changes in a supportive environment that provides accountability & success

Working on our life goals all on our own might not be enough to keep us accountable, disciplined, and committed to the same degree that a weekly accountability group would. In the Life Leaders Plan Review you will:

Have both personal attention and peer group support
Be held accountable in a non-judgmental, safe space
You will be with a community of like minded personal and professional development, goal oriented people 
Receive coaching when and where you want it
Be energized by the group and the weekly commitment
Have fun, be inspired, have a new found consistency to prioritizing and making time for your life goals & dreams

This is a time for you, your life, who you want to become, how you want to live and where you want to lead your future!

Set yourself up for success with a weekly appointment!
The commitment of checking in weekly leads to progress 
Prioritize what is most important to you, where you will get breakthroughs on the hard to do alone goals
Become the leader and person you want to be with specific, actionable and targeted behavior goals
Lead yourself and your life in the direction where you want to grow
Progress, achieve, and become happier and more fulfilled by your own design with support from a group and an ICF certified coach
life plan review group life coaching online

Your Life Plan Review Package Options

Life Plan REview Package

$100 Month for 3 Months

Weekly Group Meeting
Life Plan Review System
Coaching in the Meeting
Community/Peer Support
Feedback, ideas, progress!

LIfe Goals Private coaching with weekly LPR

$175 Month for 3 Months

90 Minute Private Life Goals Coaching 
Weekly Group Meeting
Life Plan Review System
Coaching in Meeting
Feedback, ideas, & Progress
Community/Peer Support

LPR Group Coaching Package

$200 Month
 for 3 Months

Weekly Group Meeting
Weekly Group Coaching
An additional hour of hot seat, laser coaching
Life Plan Review System
Coaching in Meeting
Community/Peer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in the Life Leaders Plan Review?

The group will meet for 1 hour with each member having 5 minutes to check in and share their LPR. The remaining 20 minutes will be used for solutions, ideas, coaching, and support.

What is the difference between the LPR Goals Group and the added the LPR with Group Coaching?

The LPR with group coaching weekly provides an extra hour right after the weekly LPR meeting. You will receive hot seat, laser focused coaching to breakthrough any barriers or brainstorm solutions for progress towards your goals. It shifts the focus from the LPR reporting to specific coaching on the actions, behaviors, and Key Performance Indicators.

What is the Private Life Goals Web of Life Coaching Option?

For anyone who has not had coaching before, is unclear on their life goals, would like guidance on setting up their life goals and action steps, this option is for you. You will receive a 90 minute Web of Life and life goals clarity session that will set you up for the weekly meetings. This is best done before the weekly groups start, but can be done throughout as well.

Can we continue past 3 months?

Yes, the 3 months is an introduction for you to try out the LPR and see how it works for you and also experience the results from it. The LPR will be continued every quarter for those who want to carry on with the weekly group. The group may change, but the format will remain the same. You may also want to update your goals at the 6 or 12 month time frame.

Can I cancel within the 3 months?

You are able to cancel after week 1 if it does not seem like a fit for you. After that first week, we ask for your full commitment to the 3 months to see the results. If you have concerns or doubts prior to starting, please check in with Jody prior to starting so we can assess the fit for you.

Can we create our own Life Plan Review Group with people we know?

Yes absolutely you can create your own group for the Life Plan Review. We do require 8 people for effectiveness, but could also look at 6 people; however the price may need to be adjusted. It is best to include a cohesive, safe, and supportive group of people.

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