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Life Leaders Monthly Coaching

Lead Your Life, Career, and Business with Monthly Leadership and Life Coaching that Grows You, Your Dreams, & the Leader Within

Welcome to Life Leaders where we elevate you as the leader of your life, career, and business with monthly leadership and life coach training. Every month in the Life Leaders membership group, you will receive 2 live coach trainings, one of which will be on leadership and the other on life coaching. When you attend live, you will also have the option to be a part of the 'hot seat' live coaching and Q&A session or if you cannot attend, recordings will be provided for you to view at your convenience.

But that's not all, consider this your accountability, reflection, planning, and progress commitment to stay on track with your leadership and life goals because you will receive tools at the start and end of each month.

Life gets busy and it then it tends to lead us with time escaping us and our life goals falling down to the bottom of the priority list. In addition, the leader within us becomes exhausted, overwhelmed, and in survival mode repressed from its true nature, brilliance, and potential. Life Leaders puts you, your leadership, and life as a priority and gives you the tools to progress forward to where you want to lead your life, career, and business!

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First Life Leaders Masterclass Starts
June 05, 2020 4:00 pm PST/7:00 pm EST

Jody Kennett, Leadership and Life Coach, WPCC, CPC

Here are all the benefits you will receive in the Life Leaders Monthly Coaching Membership:

  • 2 Live Leadership and Life Coaching Webinar Trainings Every Month!

    Elevate your leadership with monthly leadership training and coaching with a live Q&A and hot seat coaching option. Keep your life dreams and goals on track and on your priority list with a monthly life coaching live webinar. You will never miss the training or coaching as all of it will be recorded and available to view in your own time.

  • Receive Reflection, Planning, and Goal Setting Tools at the Start & End of Each Month

    When life gets busy, we need reminders of what matters most and a prompt to pause so we can reflect and possibly redirect to where we want to lead ourselves and our lives. In Life Leaders, you will receive tools to support the progress of your leadership and life goals.

  • Free Life Leaders Goal Guide and Life Leadership Path Planner

    Every Life Leader will receive a free Life Leaders Goal Guide and Life Leaders Path Planner upon registration to begin your journey, gain clarity, declare your dreams, set goals, create and chart your path, and track your progress.

  • Option to Add Life or Leadership Coaching Monthly and Receive Life Leaders Free

    If you decide to receive monthly coaching for a minimum of 3 months, you will receive Life Leaders free of charge with the benefit of gaining personalized coaching and greater transformation.

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About Your Life Leaders Coach

Jody Kennett, Leadership, Life & Health Coach CPC, WPCC

Hello Life Leaders, Jody Kennett here, your leadership and life coach. My mission is to elevate and energize the leader within us all to lead and live your best life. I am a coach, trainer, entrepreneur, and student of daily leadership growth. My approach is holistic, empowering, and healing with the ever present and powerful strength of a warrior fighting for my and your best life. I show people how to lead their life, tap into their inner leader and power, and develop leadership skills for personal and professional success.

I am a Professional Certified Coach with a Whole Person Life Coach certification where I am weeks away from becoming an ICF ACC coach. In addition, I am a GAIA certified leadership coach, ACI Certified Confidence Coach, and C-IQ Communication coach. The three arms of my coaching include leadership, life, and health coaching so you may just find yourself receiving health and peak performance coaching here too!

You can start Life Leaders for ONLY $5.00 Cdn to try it out
The price after the first month will be $20.00/month & you can lock in at that rate as the price will be going up to $47.00/month. 

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For $20.00 a month you will receive Both Life and Leadership Coaching as well as Accountability and Tools to progress on your Life, Career, Business, and Leadership goals. To lead and live your best life and become an empowered, confident leader, what price would you pay for that?
I can't wait to coach you on the inside! See you in Life Leaders.

Our Promise is a 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee Within 14 days

Give Life Leaders a try for 14 days and if you are not satisfied, we will refund you the full amount. We stand by our commitment to service excellence and providing you with superior leadership and life coaching. Also, you can cancel your membership at any time.