Lead Your Life Plan 2021

Life Leadership to Create, Lead and Live Your Best LifeĀ 

Are you ready to lead your life forward to create the life you are excited to live? Would you like to have a life plan of intention, action, growth, and dreams to guide you forward and give you focus? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you are in the right place and this may be exactly what you need to set your life goals in motion. The Lead Your Life Plan 2021 workshop is unlike anything you will have ever experienced before as it is not your typical life goals coaching. It's different and in a transforming, exciting, and impactful way!

Here's how the Lead Your Life Plan live workshop is unique and powerful:

  • It will begin with a guided visualization and you will create your life vision
  • Lead Your Life in alignment with your Values and what you value most
  • It will assess you, your needs, and wants to give you clarity, direction, & focus
  • It will give you a path and plan from where you are to where you want to go
  • It uses a whole new perspective and paradigms to view your life and days for self awareness of how you have been living to how you want to live!
  • Unlike any other approach, it looks at the most important factor in life goal achievement, the leader leading the goals and empowers, challenges, coaches You!
  • It also goes internally looking at who you are being, who you want to be, and who you want to become. Life goals demand we grow, become, and be more.
  • It will empower you with the Inner Leadership preparation of mindset, emotional resilience, and peak energy performance
  • It won't leave you with only answers and life goals, but it will equip you with the how to execute, implement, and take action knowing how to lead yourself and your goals forward!
  • You will see it, feel it, experience it, and know you can do it!


Start 2021 by Leading it with a Life Goals Plan and a Leadership Path for Yourself

Why would I offer this, I mean after all anyone can easily think of their life goals and know what they want, right? Yes, they can, but how many of us sit down with intention and not only create a plan, but also assess what's working, what's not, what's possible, and how to get there? And on top of that our goals are not separate from us, who we are, how we think, what motivates us to act and how we lead ourselves and our life. That's exactly how this workshop is so different than anything else you will have ever experienced before! We are going to set the leader in charge of the goal, that's you by the way, up for success by setting you up with inner leadership and the leadership know how to execute, take action, and finish.

In addition, as a life, leadership, and peak performance coach I am going to guide you through a few exercises that will set your body and brain up to be out of stress, so you can have vision and think creatively and clearly. We will also do a heart centering to connect you to a place of peace, inner knowing, and positive energy state.

What Every Life Leader will Receive in the
Lead Your Life Plan Workshop

  • 2 Hour Guided Workshop with Life Leadership Goals and Planning Coaching
  • The Lead Your Life Plan Workbook to Personalize and Plan Your Life & Leadership Goals
  • Guided Visualization and Heart Centering
  • The Life Leaders Goal Path to Go From Where You Are to Where You Want to Go
  • Your Own Inner Leadership Mindset, Emotional Resilience, & Peak Performance Plan
  • Life Assessment Overview for Self Awareness and Choice Leading Forward
  • The Life Leaders 'Be and Become Leadership Actualization' Path
  • Self Leadership Skills to Lead Yourself and Your Life Goals Forward
  • A Closing Visualization to See, Feel, and Experience Having or Being it!

Lead Your Life Workshop is on Wednesday Dec 30th 3:00-5:00 pm PST

For the Workshop, Lead Your Life Plan Workbook
Guided Visualization, Inner Leadership and Peak Performance Plan,
Life and Leadership Coaching, Heart Centering, and the Recording for Future Use.....

The Investment is only $49.00 Cdn

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