Hogan Assessments - Personality Assessments for Leaders, Teams, and Entrepreneurs

Increase Your Self Awareness, Performance, and Leadership
Assess Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Values

The Hogan Assessments are leaders in personality assessments to assess, predict, and develop performance in the work place. It is a powerful tool that can be used in recruiting to find the right fit, to discover and develop high potential leaders, and also to improve individual or team performance. The assessments measure three areas of personality to provide a comprehensive report of one's behavior and personality tendencies which include the following:

  1. The Hogan Personality Inventory or HPI
  2. The Hogan Development Survey or HDS
  3. The MVPI or Motives, Values, and Preferences Inventory

These reports provide insight and self awareness to both the leader being assessed and to the company on areas where they will excel, what may be a challenge for them when stressed, their key values, work preferences, and what will motivate them.

The Hogan Assessments are scientifically validated and the first to measure personality for business. Over half of the Fortune 500 companies have used Hogan Assessments. One of its unique traits is that it measure the 'dark side' of personality which is valuable feedback that can transform performance. It is also a non discriminatory personality assessment which allows employers to eliminate any potential bias in based on gender, ethnicity, and race as part of their selection process.

What are the Benefits of Hogan Assessments For Your Business, Leaders, and Team?

Leadership Development  -  Talent Acquisition  -  Improve Performance  -  Strategic Self Awareness

Hogan Assessments were developed with the belief that talent development comes from strategic self-awareness. Essentially it empowers leaders to go from automatic pilot mode to higher performance, greater connection, and superior leadership skills. It’s gives people greater depth of understanding in the difference between the way they see themselves and their reputation or how they are seen by their peers, managers, and direct reports. As an industry-leading expert in personality assessments, their reports provide solutions and critical insight into characteristics that not only facilitate an individual’s success, but, more importantly, could cause failure and career derailment.

  • Predict Performance

    Use as a recruitment and selection tool to predict performance

  • Assess Fit for Leadership or Position

    Analyze and predict best candidate selection and fit for the position

  • Leadership Development

    Develop leaders and team members with strategic self awareness for optimal success

  • Values, Motives, and Work Environment Alignment

    Discover the values and motives of your leaders for fit, fulfillment, and performance

  • Recruit and Evaluate on Competencies

    Predict performance of ideal candidates based on a set of competencies

  • Entrepreneur Self Awareness for Success

    Entrepreneurs can discover their strengths and develop self awareness for success

  • Team Development and Performance

    Discover team dynamics, strengths, and gaps for effective communication and performance.

  • Dark Side of Personality Management

    Manage stress and relationship derailers with the dark side of personality awareness

Have a High Performing Team with a Team Hogan Personality Assessment

Team Hogan Personality Assessment

Develop a high performing team that collaborates and values the strengths of each team member with a compliment of knowledge, skills, and abilities. The Hogan Personality Assessment provides team reports so leaders and team members can determine the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps within in a team. Learn more about them here and have one of our Hogan Assessment Certified Coaches deliver it for your team to perform at their peak.

How to Get Started with Hogan Assessments for Companies, Leaders, and Teams

Whether you are an individual pursuing your own leadership growth or a company wanting to use Hogan Assessments for recruiting and developing high potential leaders, the first step is to have a consultation. In this consultation with a certified Hogan Assessment practitioner, we will discover the objectives and outcomes you desire and then share the assessment options that best suit your goals. The assessments vary from 20-60 minutes and you are then provided with a report summarizing your results and feedback. A certified Hogan Assessment coach will then review the report with you for optimal understanding and integration towards your specified goal.

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