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Why Communication is Important

Everyday we have multiple conversations and interactions with others in person, online, and through email and group chats. Yet, do we know what impact our communication is having on others and for that matter on our career, leadership, business and relationships? Great communication skills give us the ability to connect better with others, build trust, and develop harmonious personal and professional relationships. 

When communication misses the mark, it turns into conflict which creates a lot of stress for everyone involved. Therefore, when we learn effective strategies to communicate well, it can have a significant impact not only on our mental and emotional wellbeing, but also for anyone else we interact with on a regular basis.

Communication skills can advance our careers, strengthen our leadership, build our business, foster positive working and personal relationships, and improve our stress and wellbeing. It is also an essential skill for any manager, leader, and business owner who leads a team or interacts with customers daily.

Communication Skills with C-IQ online course
Leadership with great communication skills C-IQ online course

What is C-IQ?

C-IQ is the neuroscience of communication founded in 35 years of research by Judith E Glaser which provides training, tools, and techniques on how to communicate for partnership and trust. This evidence based approach explains how our brains interact through communication and why some conversations cause us to protect while others will engage us to partner. This incredible body of knowledge bridges the science with methods, processes, and practical tools for people to apply in their everyday work and life conversations. C-IQ has helped companies create a culture of trust, leaders to partner and engage with their team, and career or business professionals to stand out with superior communication skills.

Great Communication Skills with C-IQ Course

If you find yourself currently in conflict with others, experience stress with uncomfortable conversations, are a leader of a team, want to develop or improve your communication skills, and want to be able to facilitate harmonious meetings, then you are in the right place. The Great Communication with C-IQ online course will give you the training and tools to become an effective communicator who is able to lead, connect, engage, and build trust with the neuorscience of communication. 

Neuroscience of Communication Training

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What's Included in this Communication Skills course?

This online course on communication skills with the neuroscience of C-IQ includes:

5 Modules with up to 5 lessons in each module
Video training and facilitating on key communication skills concepts
Downloadable PDF's to learn and apply C-IQ methods
Take Action Challenges to implement and reflect on what you have learned
A space to share insights, ask questions, and discuss key takeaways
Module 1

Chemical Conversations

Module 2

3 Levels of Conversation

Module 3

Create, Build, Sustain T.R.U.S.T.

Module 4

I-Centric (c) vs We-Centric Leadership

Module 5

Communication Skills for Conflict or Difficult Conversations

Module 6

Meeting Success &
Conversational Agility

"Game Changing Results"

"Learning C-IQ as a leader has equipped with me communication skills to navigate and facilitate difficult conversations in the workplace. It has deepened my awareness and ability to become a better communicator. It has helped me to build trust, enable change and foster collaboration among my team.  Jody’s coaching and communication expertise has supported me as a leader through a change in culture and mindset enabling me to be an even more effective communicator. The results for me have been game changing. I have developed practical tools and skills which help me navigate through difficult or challenging conversations. I highly recommend receiving communication training with Jody through the course she offers for individual or team coaching. It definitely will help you be a more effective leader." 

Communication training for leaders and teams


Leader and Project Manager

"Skills Learned Help Me Lead"

"I'm so glad I enrolled in the C-IQ training sessions with Jody. The one-on-one sessions helped me a lot in understanding my business communication challenges and gave me tools to tackle them effectively. The skills I learned working with Jody continue to help me lead and participate in constructive conversations at work. These sessions also help me de-stress before an important or difficult conversation, which to me has been one of the biggest benefits. I highly recommend the C-IQ sessions to anyone who is taking on a leadership role and wants to improve communication with their team, their peers as well as C-level executives."

Communication skills training online course in C-IQ

Suraj Eyanni
Manager, Team Leader

"...the benefits have been enormous."

"When I had first heard about C-IQ, I became interested in learning much more about it to help me navigate some of the challenging family issues that I was facing.  I recognized that I had to communicate much more effectively in emotionally charged situations.  After receiving Jody’s C-IQ communication coaching, I had the resources to deal with both the stress and to understand my own and others' reactions.  It provided me with the tools and awareness to present our complicated family discussions “in context” to enable the best possible outcomes.  For anyone who is dealing with a difficult family situation or a strained close relationship, C-IQ training and Jody's coaching will provide the greatest possible support.  The outcomes for me have included much easier conversations, more listening and less emotion.  The benefits have been enormous.  The coaching I received continues to provide me with confidence to meet the many more on-going challenges our family faces.  Jody is a skilled communications professional who quickly hones in on a problem and finds the right tools for realistic solutions."

Communication Coach and Training Vancouver BC Canada


C-IQ for Family and Personal Relationships

 Money Back Guarantee

The value in this course and the content you will receive includes a 100% money back guarantee because we know it delivers on giving you the tools you need to be a great communicator. You can begin the course today and if for whatever reason it does not meet your satisfaction, we will refund the full cost of the course. All we ask of you is to request the refund within 5 days of your purchase. We are pretty confident you will not need this guarantee, but we wanted you to be able to start risk free and experience it for yourself with confidence.

C-IQ Certified Communication Coach Vancouver BC Canada
Certified C-IQ Coach and Communication Facilitator Trainer

Course Instructor: Jody Kennett, ICF PCC, C-IQ Certified Coach

Leadership, Life, and Peak Performance Coach

Jody Kennett is your facilitator for this course as she is a certified C-IQ coach trained by the creator of C-IQ, Judith E Glaser. As an ICF Professional Certified Coach Jody knows first hand the challenges leaders, managers, and companies face around communication. After serving companies where trust needed to be rebuilt, where colleagues and partners relationships needed repairing, and leaders needed tools to lead their team, Jody brought all the key communication skills essentials into one course. She has coached and supported leaders and professionals at all levels to develop their leadership skills and has witnessed how communication is a foundational piece to great leadership, working in teams, and advancing one's career. She is an engaging, dynamic trainer and presenter who is passionate about elevating leaders and communication for a healthy and psychologically safe workplace. 

The Benefits & Outcomes You Will Receive with this Course:

Whether your goal is to improve your communication skills for leadership growth, professional development, or for positive, healthy personal relationships, here are the benefits you will receive from taking Great Communication with C-IQ online course:

Lead and Communicate with Ease

Leaders will develop superior communication skills to connect, build trust, and engage teams. Develop We-Centric (c) Level III Converational Intelligence Skills

Build Confidence handling Difficult Conversations

You will gain greater understanding, self-awareness, and step by step processes to handle hard conversations.

Build Trust, Partnering, and a Culture of Trust

This course will teach you how to communicate for trust and give people, leaders, and companies the tools they need to create a culture of trust and a healthy, psychologically safe work place or team.

Transform Personal & Professional Relationships

This course will transform your relationships because it gives you great insight into communication skills that facilitate conversations which connect with others. You will learn the building blocks necessary for healthy exchanges. 

Decrease Stress, Improve Mental/Emotional Health

Communication can be a source of stress for many. This course equips you with the ability to prevent, manage, and facilitate conflict. With the communication skills you build here, it will decrease stress and improve your resilience.

Be a Strong Facilitator in Meetings, Teams, & Groups

You will gain meeting success skills and frameworks to facilitate effective meetings. In addition, you will build communication skills for facilitating conversations in meetings with a variety of people, opinions, & objectives.

Self-Awareness, Growth, and Emotional Regulation

C-IQ will resource you with the understanding of how you respond in stress and conflict and prepare you to self-regulate when you are triggered to lead a more positive interaction. Regulate emotions in communication with C-IQ

Communication Skills Training for Leaders, Teams, and Companies

This online communication course in C-IQ provides learners with a certificate of completion and it can also be customized for leaders, teams, and companies to be live group training or facilitated in person

Bring C-IQ to your leaders, team or company:
Group rates for online course
Live online group training
In person facilitation 
Course and Private Coaching
Course with Group Coaching
Company Customization

"I decided as a leader to make communication a priority throughout our entire company and Jody played an integral role in setting us up for success. It began with training in C-IQ for the top leaders to model great communication and providing tools and processes to navigate any communication conflict or challenges between leaders. The C-IQ deepened leaders’ awareness around how communication impacts others for trust and gave managers tools to handle difficult conversations. Jody then facilitated a new culture shift for the team with core values and communication as a strong foundational component. One of my goals with this was to lower turnover and increase work happiness and health; the result has been remarkable.

Communication Coach Vancouver

Zahid Merali

Wellness Pharmacy Group

What is better communication worth to you?

What value do you put on better relationships and communicating with ease?
What would it be worth to you as a leader to engage and build trust with your team?
How would it feel to be confident and not stressed dealing with hard conversations?
What if developing the leadership skill of great communication advanced your career?
Imagine being able to create a culture of trust, connection, and a healthy workplace

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