Elevate Your Leaders and Team with an Internal or External Executive Leadership Coach

How Companies are Bringing Executive Coaching to their Leaders and Teams on a Regular Basis

Are you looking at bringing executive, leadership,or health coaching to your company or team?

Companies are now hiring both internal and external coaches to support and elevate their employees and leaders. When employees experience regular coaching, their engagement, innovation, leadership and performance all increase. Executive and leadership coaching provides feedback, brain storming solutions, stress release, peak performance, conflict resolution, planning, and accountability for action towards goal attainment. Companies who implement coaching for their team have a competitive advantage.

How Companies Can Offer Executive Leadership Coaching?

Companies can begin to offer executive and leadership coaching to their employees by hiring an external coach to provide coaching services on a part time weekly or monthly basis. There are a number of options to start elevating the people in your company with coaching especially if you are at the stage where you are not ready for a full time internal coach. Here are some options to start offering executive, leadership, and health coaching in your company:

  • Private Leadership Coaching for Specific Leaders
  • Offer 1 day a week or Once a Month Coaching by Appointment
  • Monthly Coaching for Specific Employees/Leaders (6-12 months)
  • Group Facilitated Mastermind Coaching Monthly, BiWeekly
  • Quarterly Performance Coaching for Growth Goals
  • Leadership Development Plan for Emerging Leaders
  • 360 Degree Reviews
  • Hire a coach to be on site as an internal coach for 1 day a week
  • Customized Group Coaching with the addition of Private Coaching
  • Offer Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly Coaching Calls

The executive, leadership, and health coaching we offer is provided discreetly by phone, online video conference, or in person in the Greater Vancouver area.


What is the Difference Between a Corporate Internal or External Coach

An internal coach is when someone is either hired or contracted to work on site in person at your company. Large companies are hiring full time internal coaches who work as an employee, but companies that do not have the budget yet for a full time internal coach, can still contract out a part time internal coach. When you hire a part time internal coach for your company, you and the coach can decide on the contract terms whether it be for one day a week or more or even biweekly and monthly. We offer contract part time internal executive coaching in Vancouver, B.C.

An external coach is a coach that is not an employee of your business and who coaches offsite either virtually or at another location. The benefits of having an external coach is that employees often feel safer or more secure to share their challenges since the coach is not an employee at their company.

Companies have the option to choose an internal or external coach and the decision may be depend on space, specific coaching goals, scheduling and proximity or personal preference.

At Elevare, we offer both internal, Greater Vancouver area only, and external executive leadership coaching internationally.

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