Elevate Women
Career and Business Leadership
Elevating Women to Thrive!

An Event Unlike Any Other...You will be Transformed, Empowered, Energized & Elevated!

Friday April 27th 9:30 am - 5:00 pm Pinnacle at the Pier

This is for all you Career Women & Entrepreneur ladies! Find out if it's a Fit for You...

Are you a career or business woman who wants to develop more leadership skills to advance your career or become a leader in your industry?

Are you stepping into a new leadership position or preparing yourself to be a leader in your career or business?

Have you ever felt you wanted to use your voice more, communicate your worth, feel more confident, and have a Powerful Presence?  

Do you want to elevate yourself to the next level of personal and professional growth?

Would you like to feel completely empowered and liberated to go for what you want without anything holding you back?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, you are in the right place and this event is for you!

Empowering Women with Leadership Skills to Thrive in Career and Business!
'But I am not a leader,' you may say...

This event is for you if you are a working woman in any industry or a female entrepreneur that wants to advance your career or business to the next level, become a leader in your industry, or tap into your own power to step up and out with confidence.

You may or may not see yourself as a leader or want a leadership position, but you do want a strong, exciting career path with growth, impact, and being paid your worth!

The problem is there is something holding you back: maybe you have not led yet, you are afraid to lead, you feel uncomfortable or ill equipped stepping into leadership, or stepping into a powerful, influential leader with a strong presence in your industry terrifies you.

News flash! You know you can crush it! Yes, its unknown and  new, but you are only a few refined skills away from marching in and owning whatever lead role you desire. Yes, that refined word was used purposely because you have these skills already, they just need some kick butt polishing up so you feel confident.

Every woman that elevates herself and leads the way, empowers another woman that they too can do it. This event is your bridge from where you are to where you want to go and to who you will become living to your full potential and all that is possible for you, your career, and business.

At Elevate Women, you will be empowered and elevated to breakthrough all of your career and business goals and evolve with confidence and a powerful presence into the leader you already are.

What will you learn and how will you evolve as a leader for your career and business?

"This is like a group coaching mastermind that gives a personalized approach elevating every aspect of your personal and professional growth with specialized attention on women's leadership to bring us success, fulfillment, freedom, and happiness."

1. Leadership Skills

  • Leading People
  • Leadership Strengths & Values
  • Leadership Communication Skills
  • Assertiveness & Boundary Setting
  • Negotiation
  • Conflict Management
  • Legacy & Influence

2. Powerful Presence

  • Having a Voice
  • Body Language Confidence
  • Confidence & Confident Communication
  • Self Advocacy/Promotion
  • You Brand & Platform Building
  • Presenting as a Leader
  • Working in Male Dominated Industries

Special Guest Speaker: Tina-Marie Springham

Special Guest Speaker to Elevate You! Elevare and I could not be more excited to bring you an incredible women leader who will elevate your presence, posture, confidence and power from within, Tina-Marie Springham! Tina-Marie is coming in for a special section in our Powerful Presence training where you will walk away with hands on practice that will transform your body language to a powerful confidence. She is a dynamic, popular presenter who is not only a 13 time winning champion, but also a singer, actress, personal trainer, and Confidence Coach. You are going to love her and you will forever walk away with a new powerful presence!

3. Professional Growth - Career & Business Growth Plan

  • Worth & Wealth
  • The Power of the Ask & Delegation
  • Career & Business Growth Plan
  • Legacy Leadership Aspirations
  • Brand You
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Mindfulness
  • Peak Energy Performance

Meet the Creator of Elevare & Elevate Women, Jody Kennett

Hi, I am Jody Kennett, the leader behind Elevare and this 1 day immersion event of Women's Leadership to elevate women in their career and business. It is my mission to empower, energize, and elevate women to their full potential and all that is possible for them in their career and business. I am a certified Women's Leadership coach providing both career and leadership development, C-IQ certified communication specialist, American Confidence Institute certified Confidence Coach, and a business advisor who has launched and guided hundreds of entrepreneurs to success.

In addition, I bring a wealth of knowledge on Women's health and peak energy for women as a health and wellness expert with 20 years experience certified with the American Council of Exercise. A fun fact about me is the marathon I trained myself for in honour of two important people in my life and set out to get my own personal best, I ended out winning being the first women across and qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

How did this event come to be and why is it one of my missions? There are so many incredibly talented, smart, courageous women out there navigating their career and business who excel at what they do, but are not getting seen, found, credit, or advanced. As I was coaching and guiding career women and entrepreneurs, a theme started to appear as well as a gap in our development.

The theme was that here were all these exceptional, skilled, and brilliant women, but their career and business were not advancing to the equivalent of their value. The cause is multifaceted, but there are a few within our control that center all around Women's Leadership. You see there is only a small fraction of us that even see ourselves as leaders or who want to be in a leadership role.

I see every women as being a leader in their life, career, and business. I also believe Women's Leadership will empower women to get paid their worth, to elevate more women in their careers and businesses which will create more impact and economic growth, and free women from any barriers or blocks giving them the confidence and power within them to thrive.

'Elevate Women' is about women leading their career, business, team, company, cause, self, and the world to a new level of: freedom, humanity, connection, service, success, and evolution which the world needs now.

Ready to Elevate & Lead and want all of these?

  • Lead Boldly, Authentically, & with Confidence
  • Develop Leadership Communication Skills for Success
  • Lead People and Conflict
  • Create Your Leadership Career/Business Plan for Growth
  • Advance Your Career, Grow Your Business, Increase Your Income
  • Elevate You - Brand You and Your Career/Business Platform
  • Build Your Powerful Presence, Voice, and Worth
  • Assertiveness, Negotiation, and Delegation
  • Peak Energy Performance, Mindfulness, Self Leadership

Your Next Step is...

Reserve your space with us to Elevate You, Your Career and Business, and to Lead Your Way!

There are 2 Price Options Depending on What Aligns Best For You:

  1. Indidual Registration $225
  2. Buddy Rate Bring a Buddy of Two or More $125

Every participant will receive a Certificate of Completion in Women's Leadership

**Ask Your Employer if they will fund your training and development for the day!**

Elevare has gifted seats to local Women's support groups.

Leadership Value Guarantee!

Our commitment is your growth, leadership development, empowerment, and enjoyment at the 1 day Women’s Leadership event. We are so excited and dedicated to your experience with us being exceptional, we are confident this will be an event that transforms, elevates, and unleashes unstoppable you! Our personal guarantee to you is an incredible experience of learning, professional growth, leadership skills, and personal development that takes you to your next level!

Hear from other Career and Business Women Leaders

Thank you, Jody, for encouraging me to stay strong, and be bold -- it was through your encouragement that I felt I really can do it, and no one is going to stop me from my dreams!

Lynn Shinto, Digital Community Manager & Brand Consultant

Jody challenged me to set more ambitious business goals and to take action to achieve them. She has an undeniable passion for encouraging people to be their best in business and in life, and I am grateful for having had the experience of working with her. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jody

Roshena Minnes, Creative Director at Walnutte

Working with Jody Kennett was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. When I needed the right push or confidence, she was always on my team to push my dream forward into results. Jody has completely given me the wings to succeed in business.

Laurie Heang, The Heart Company

My experience with Jody as a teacher, business coach, and mentor has been wonderful. Her caring nature and sincere desire to make a difference in the lives of others has been apparent in all my time spent with her.  I cannot express enough the value of learning from a fantastic leader such as Jody!

Julia, Ellesmere Lingerie

Her clients love her - it is evident that they admire and respect her, and are inspired by her leadership, commitment, and caring attitude.

Linda Folster, M. Ed CCDP

The clarity and confidence I got from working with Jody made all the difference. I would highly recommend her services.

Alexa Gelles, MA, RCC

Jody helped me gain clarity and focus around what really matters in my life at a time when I was feeling stuck ‘in the box’. She was highly perceptive in identifying blockages to progress and recommending resources and processes that supported and strengthened my success in moving toward my desired goals. Her coaching was paramount in helping me make critical decisions in my career and personal life.

Cleo Johnston, Facilitator,Trainer, Coach

ELEVATE  and LEAD. Register Today!

To inquire about group rates, please email Jody at jody@jodykennett.ca
Elevare is so committed to elevating women that if price is stopping you from being able to attend, we have reserved a handful of seats for those of you who reach out sharing why you want to attend and your personal leadership aspiration. Let's make it happen for everyone! There is a seat with your name on it.

Elevate Women in Business - Women's Leadership for Career Women and Entrepreneurs!