Coaching, Community, and Conscious Leadership for Women to Thrive!

Women's Leadership Monthly Training & Coaching to Elevate...
You, Your Career, Business, & Life!

Are you a career woman, female entrepreneur, or woman leader who is wanting to elevate your leadership, communication, and confidence? Do you find yourself wanting to breakthrough both external and internal challenges affecting your professional growth? Would you like to learn how to thrive not only in career and business, but body, mind, emotion and life? This is exactly why 'Elevate Women Tribe' was created!

Elevate Women Tribe will bring monthly leadership topics and training to you as well as group coaching and discussion sessions to brainstorm ideas, create solutions, collaborate, and connect to elevate together!

Our first get together will be on the leadership topic of Vision, Voice, and Visibility. It all starts Wednesday November 25th at 5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST. Come join the community and conversation to Be Elevated!

What is Elevate Women Tribe Monthly and What Can You Expect to Receive?

Elevate Women Tribe is going to be a monthly event where a new leadership training and coaching will be provided each month on a topics that will support your growth as a leader in your business, career, and life. It will also be holistic bringing in topics to energize your health and life right alongside your business and career. The monthly set up will include 2 online community connection points where one of the live events will be more educational around leadership development and training while the second connection will be a group coaching or discussion around specific questions and challenges brought forward by you and the group! We encourage you to attend live for the greatest transformation, but recordings will be made available if you cannot make it. These will be hosted online.

This is a FREE event November 25thth at 5:00 pm PST and I would love to have you join the community and conversation to be Elevated!

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Who is the Leader Behind Elevate Women Tribe and Why a Monthly Group?

Women's Leadership Confidence Communication CoachHello incredible leaders! I'm Jody Kennett, a leadership, health, and life transformational elevating agent here to serve women entrepreneurs and leaders to thrive in every area of their life. I coach women to lead their life, step into owning their leadership role with confidence, and be in peak health and energy. Together we breakthrough barriers that hold you back, elevate you to a new level in your career or business, and empower you with confidence to freely share your brilliance.

I am a certified coach with the International Coach Federation and a Whole Person Certified Coach. My coaching career began in health where I have a diploma in Kinesiology from SFU and then it evolved to becoming a Women's Leadership coach, an American Confidence Institute Certified Confidence Coach, and C-IQ certified Communication Coach. For the past decade, I have been elevating women entrepreneurs and leaders to grow their business and advance their careers.

As a new manager in my industry, I hired Jody to help me develop effective leadership skills as well as help me identify and release limiting personal beliefs. Working with Jody has exceeded my expectations. As a result of our sessions, I successfully turned around an under performing department in less than a year, doubled staff, met all monthly and quarterly revenue goals and was promoted to manage a more visible, large department which was also under performing. I continued working with Jody after my second promotion and achieved similar results. Recently I transitioned out of my industry and landed a senior management position, moving from one area of the country to another. Jody was instrumental in helping me through this process which happened in a very tight time frame and during a pandemic. During my job search, I distinctly remember the coaching session where Jody said "Laura, you have such a large skill set, think bigger". I'm am beyond grateful that I listened to her advice! On a personal level, Jody has helped me increase my self awareness. I highly recommend her services, she is a phenomenal coach.

Laura Dow
Laura Dow

Jody's coaching has revolutionalized my personal and professional development. With her expert guidance, I have experienced so many powerful transformations. Prior to working with Jody, minor setbacks were interrupting progress on my important goals. Now, I'm able to take things in stride and continue to use my time wisely despite setbacks -- a game changer for me! Jody sees what is absolutely true for me and helped me shape my dream business. I have more clarity and excitement about my purpose than ever before. I now make decisions in my best interest and focus on what matters most. The results I've gotten working with Jody are absolutely thrilling. I am beyond grateful for her coaching.

Brandee Scientist, Life & Empowerment Coach

I came into this workshop with a list of specific objectives, and left it with an understanding of leadership, a boost of confidence, and a set of goals more valuable than anything on my list. - Thanks Jody, it was awesome!

Jessica Architect, Leader
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