Elevate Women Leaders Program

Starts Tuesday June 4th at 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm PST

Elevating Women to Own Their Greatness as Leaders,
Career Women, & Business  Owners

Warning do not read further if you do not want to become a bold, confident leader who knows her worth and is fearless; able to stand among men, power, and the masses assured of who she is, the value she brings, and the capabilities she possesses.

Glad we were able to clear that up. Good you are still here! That means you are ready to throw out self doubt, step into the greatness you have had all along, and become the leader you always knew you could be.

There is no more playing small here. We play to make you the best career, business woman, and leader the world has been waiting for you to see yourself. It is not safe here because safety would mean zero risk, staying stuck, still, or stagnant, and safety will not take you to all you can become.

If you are ready, and I mean yesterday ready, with a fierce commitment to your next level of evolutionary existence where you unabashedly allow, encourage, and promote the amazing leader within, then we can talk business. The business of YOU ELEVATED to go to the next level in your business, career, and leadership journey.

Get ready to leave the old behind and embrace the new empowered, confident leader that is waiting to emerge.


Elevate Women Leaders in Business Coaching Program

The 'Elevate Women's Leaders in Business' program evolved from coaching women leaders, emerging women leaders, and women in business who shared their struggles and challenges of being a leader or leading their business and career. As I coached each unique, amazing woman, consistent themes arose around what limits women from stepping firmly into the role of leading and owning her greatness.

My mission is to elevate women to their most empowered state of powerful being so they can be, experience, and live all they are meant to with abundance and freedom.

This program includes 8 modules of women's leadership, confidence, communication, personal branding, and career leadership path goal planning.

Are you an Emerging Leader, an Entrepreneur, or Career Woman Who...

  • Struggles with Feeling Confident or Has Self Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your Greatness
  • Experiences Imposter Syndrome, Fear of Failure, and Procrastination from Perfectionism
  • Is Challenged with Being a New Leader and or Seeing Yourself as a Leader or Expert
  • Is Having Trouble with Self Promotion, Self Advocacy, Owning Your Worth, Your Value
  • Wants to Be More Assertive, Handle Conflict Confidently, Communicate Clearly & Concisely
  • Wants to Boldly Be Who You Are without Doubts, Fear of Judgement, or Acceptanceitis
  • Wants to Have Powerful Presence that Knocks the Knickers off of Intimidating People
  • Wants so badly to Elevate, Step Into, and Radiate Your Own Greatness

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above, Welcome home to the place you will Elevate and to the Liberation of Being Bold You!


Together, we will take a journey that will empower, energize, uplift, expand and elevate you! Each week we will cover a unique topic that will clear out any blocks you have, build skills and confidence, and unleash your powerful presence.

You will grow, you will conquer, and you will become unstoppable.

In addition, you will develop and chart your business leadership goals and a plan of action to implement them.

The uncomfortable will become comfortable in self promotion, self advocacy, and strength in knowing your personal brand and communicating it with poise.

You will receive and be guided to your own peak performance with a self care plan that gives you peak energy to be, do, and implement your goals.

You will be set up to thrive, not just survive. In a beautifully bold woman's way, you will become a fighter, a contender, a competitor not because of energy on these, but because of who you will become and stepping in to all you are.

Let's ELEVATE YOU together!

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Early Bird Rate Before May 31st $197.00 Cdn, Save $50.00
Rate After May 31st $250.00 Cdn

Outcomes & Goals of the 'Elevate Women Leaders' Program

Standing In and Owning the Role of Leader

  • Own and Step Into the Role of Leader
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Confident Presence as a Leader
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Knowing Your Worth

Confidence and Powerful Presence

  • Increase Confidence
  • Build a Confident Presence when Leading and Speaking
  • Communicate Strongly with Confidence
  • Feel Confident in Asking, Speaking Up, and Dealing with Conflict
  • Get Comfortable and Bold in Taking up More Space or Owning Your Space

Self Promotion & Personal Brand

  • Get Comfortable with Self Promotion and Develop Key Value Statements
  • Learn and Hone Self Advocacy Skills to Showcase Strengths, Value, Impact
  • Build Your Personal Brand
  • Authentic Selling of Yourself, Your Leadership, Business, Career Expertise

Communication Skills

  • Learn Effective Communication Skills
  • Develop Leadership Communication Skills with C-IQ
  • Navigate Conflict Confidently
  • Hone Assertive Communication Skills
  • Negotiate Effectively and with Ease

Women's Leadership Career Goals Plan

  • Develop Your Business Leadership Career Goals
  • Design Your Leadership Growth Plan
  • Discover Your Strengths, Values, Legacy, Mission
  • Detail Your Vision with an Action Step Plan to Implement

Peak Energy Performance Plan

  • Create and Receive a Peak Energy Health Plan
  • Develop a Personalized Peak Performance Routine
  • Design Your Self Care Habits to Keep You Performing at Your Peak
  • Devise Your Daily, Weekly Schedule for Success & Environment to Win In
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What's Included in the Live Online 'Elevate Women Leaders' Program?

  • 8 Weeks of Live Online Group Training / Coaching
  • Workbook and Worksheets to Integrate & Implement Learning
  • Interactive and Engaging with Weekly Q&A Hot Seat Opportunities
  • Recordings of all Live Calls and Worksheets Accessible in Online Member Area
  • Facebook Group Community for Program
  • Option to Upgrade or Add Personalized Leadership Coaching alongside program
  • Free Access to the Monthly Elevate Women Leaders in Business Call
  • In addition to the hour live training, optional open forum Q&A for 30 min post

Who is the Bold Creator Behind Elevate Women Leaders?

Long ago lived a shy, quiet, and timid young women with dreams and aspirations. She had not found her voice and she found comfort in the support role behind the scenes not drawing attention to herself. There was one thing she was certain of and that was she valued strength and courage and she always jumped in before she knew she could.

Throughout her education and career although she never saw herself as a powerful leader, she continually was challenged to lead, present, and carve a path. The day came when she no longer could say no to playing small and hiding because her calling to serve beckoned her to stand in and own all of who she was and could be. Elevate Women Leaders in Business Coaching Program

Today that woman has become a certified Women's Leadership coach, a certified American Confidence Institute Confidence coach, an ICF approved C-IQ communication coach. She is also the founder of Peak Energy 4 Performance podcast and coaching. She not only coaches women leaders, but also women entrepreneurs who are in launch and growth as a business coach.

She uniquely combines the business and leadership development strategies for growth with elevating the inner being. We elevate you on the inside where most of the blocks are to match the outer reality you are aspiring to be, do, and have.

Jody also brings health and well being to business synergistically. With her extensive background in health and wellness,  you will be inspired to perform at your peak!

If you are ready to transform, to be bold, to step into your greatest self, then click the link below.

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Hear From Previous Elevated Women Leaders

"I came into this workshop with a list of specific objectives, and left it with an understanding of leadership, a boost of confidence, and a set of goals more valuable than anything on my list. - Thanks Jody, it was awesome!"

Jessica Architect

Jody challenged me to set more ambitious business goals and to take action to achieve them. She has an undeniable passion for encouraging people to be their best in business and in life, and I am grateful for having had the experience of working with her. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jody.

Roshena Business Owner of Walnutte

"This leadership development workshop facilitated by coach Jody Kennett was inspiring and filled with accessible tools to make an immediate difference in both my career and personal life!"

Stella Career Professional

Jody helped me gain clarity and focus around what really matters in my life at a time when I was feeling stuck ‘in the box’. She was highly perceptive in identifying blockages to progress and recommending resources and processes that supported and strengthened my success in moving toward my desired goals. Her coaching was paramount in helping me make critical decisions in my career and personal life.

Cleo Trainer/Facilitator/Career Coach

Be Elevated! Feel Confident! Own Your Power!

$197.00 Cdn
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Elevate Women Leaders in Business Coaching Program

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