"How to Create, Lead, and Achieve Your Life Goals with a Proven Method used by Global Leaders"

"What we track transforms. What We Plan Progresses.  What We Review, Reveals.
What we Schedule Succeeds." Jody Kennett

Discover the successful goal system used by one of the top CEO's for a historical business turnaround and by the #1 Coach in the World.







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A Free Webinar revealing the Success Method Used by the #1 Global Coach to Create, Lead, and Achieve Your Life Goals

The key to progressing and achieving your life goals - don't miss this one secret
The proven method and system to achieve all your goals grounded in Positive Psychology, Behavioral Change Theory & Social Learning 
The 3 Elements essential to turning your life dreams and goals into reality that most people do not have in place
How to prioritize, create and lead your life to what you want and where you want to lead it 

If this day and time does not work for you, there will be another live Webinar Wednesday March 31st at 5:00 pm PST/8:00 pm EST. Register Here

Hi there, I'm Jody Kennett, an ICF certified leadership, health, and life coach excited to share this amazing goals and behavioral change method with all of you! Many of us are getting so busy with life demands that we are not creating, leading, and prioritizing time for the life we want to live. Work, money or family responsibilities distract our attention and drain our energy away from designing the life we want.

Yet, what if, you had a simple system, a proven one, that put YOU, Your Life, and What's Most Important to You on the list of to do's and it transformed into happiness? No more having work consume you with no time left for you, no more time passing quickly with the thought of one day when I have time, no more, I don't know how to make it happen because you were shown the way and given the method to make it happen.

That's exactly what I will give to you on this webinar! It will be great to see you there and share this exciting system with you!

Prioritize Your Life Goals & Dreams...

Whether it is work, family obligations or other distractions, take time for you and your life!

Set Your Big Life Dreams and Goals in Motion and Live them!

It's time to not only think about what you want and dream of it, but put it in motion with a system for success!

Discover the method that has created success for people in life and business!

Be introduced to the method that has proven results in business and life 

100% FREE - Register Today to Lead and Live Your Best Life!

If this day and time do not work for you, there will be another live Webinar Wednesday March 31st at 5:00 pm PST/8:00 pm EST. Register Here

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