Bold Business Growth Monthly Marketing, Accountability, Coaching 

A Weekly Action, Accountability Growth Coaching Program 

Business Coach to Grow Your Business

Business Coaching Marketing and Growth Strategy Accountability Monthly Goal Setting Brainstorming Feedback, Results Review Action Oriented, Progress Focused Supportive & Hot Seat Q&A Monthly Business Growth Topic Group Network Option for Private Coaching 

Business Growth Coaching 

If you are a solo entrepreneur or leading your business on your own, but know you could benefit from some accountability, business coaching, brainstorming, growth strategy, feedback, and consistency check-ins, this monthly business coaching may be just what your business growth doc ordered! 

Group Coaching for Solo Entrepreneurs, Servicepreneurs, & Consultants 

Finally, What Entrepreneurs Need Most is here

solo entrepreneurs business coach

If you are a solo entrepreneur who has been going it alone taking a few online courses here and there, learning how to do things on your own, and taking gradual steps forward, but feel something is missing and your business growth is not where you want it to be, this may be the solution for you!

First off, going it alone is very challenging; it basically means not only do you have to wear all hats in your business, but then you also have to be your own coach blowing the whistle to challenge yourself and somehow give yourself feedback on your monthly business results.

What if you had....a monthly business growth coaching program and group that: 

1. Provided Marketing and Business Growth Strategies 2. Provided Accountability with Monthly Goals & Review 3. Weekly Group Coaching, goals focus, and solutions 4. A Monthly Q&A or Open Forum 5. Private Facebook Group for Networking 6. Option for Additional Private Coaching  

Yes, I am Ready to Grow!
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This Will Be a Marketing, Business Growth Accountability Coaching Program for you Weekly! 

Starts Tuesday March 3rd at 5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST


Every Tuesday 12:00 pm PST / 3:00 pm EST Business Growth Coaching  

1st Tuesday of the Month will be Marketing Plan, Goals, and Action Steps 2nd Tuesday of the Month will be Business Growth Strategy with Q&A 3rd Tuesday of the Month will be Solutions,Hot Seat Business Case,Progress CheckIn 4th Tuesday of the Month will be Group Coaching, Mastermind, Wins, Reflection 

Receive Coaching, Business Growth Strategies, Marketing, Accountability & Feedback for only $97.00 Cdn / Month (Only $25 a week)


We are experts at what we do, but then comes Marketing...

business growth coaching with marketing focus

So we ran full speed into being our own boss and doing what we love and then right before our path blocking the way to freedom is a road block with the words 'marketing' on it. Since we signed up and said I do to entrepreneurship, guess what else we said, 'i do' to? Yup, marketing ourselves and our business. This not only takes hootzpa of 100% confidence in yourself and your offer, but it also requires some pretty fine tuned marketing strategies that we then have to be consistent with or follow through on.

If you reread that last sentence, most of us don't quite make it over the hurdle of 'marketing' in the first ten tries. Whether it is confidence in your offer or self, lacking consistency, not knowing what marketing strategy to employ, or having fear stop you from taking action, every one of us stumbles somewhere.

But what if you had a coach, a team or group cheering you on, accoutability to your actions, marketing strategies for growth, a focus each month, brainstorming of solutions, and weekly nudges to be consistent?

What if we turned the 'growth' of your business and 'marketing' into something that felt natural, that provided value, that grew your audience, and expanded your reach to make a bigger impact?

Gain Audience Alignment, Have accountability, Take Inspired Action, and Amplify Your Message, Reach, Impact, Influence, and Income!

Your Business, Accountability, and Growth Coach

Jody Kennett, Business and Leadership Coach

As an entrepreneur myself now for over 10 years, I have built a service based business and an online business with products. For five years, I worked closely with entrepreneurs in preparing their business plans and launching their business for growth. I have experience and am currently marketing as a coach and consultant so also bring marketing B2B knowledge to the table. It is so exciting to transform ideas into a business and take a budding entrepreneur into a thriving business owner.

Where I can help you is in coaching clarity, ideas into action, accountability, marketing your business and self, confidence, business growth strategies, and inspiring consistency with feedback on results.

I am a professional coach with certifications in leadership, communication, and confidence. As well, I have a background in the Health and Wellness industry. Currently, I am completing my International Coach Federation Professional Coach Certification PCC.

Let's build boldly together and create consistent growth for a sustainable stable business that provides impact, income, and a lifestyle aligned with your values. 

Business Coach for Service Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

There's No Risk. Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Try us out and gain valuable business growth coaching. If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we will refund you your money.

If you would like this service personalized and customized to private business coaching, email Jody and for more details.